2023 Lexus GX 460 specs

2023 Lexus GX 460 Redesign and New Engine

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It’s redesigning time for most vehicles. Companies had time to think about upgrades and priorities during the lockdown and COVID-19 crisis. Now, manufacturers will try to make up losses. The 2023 Lexus GX 460 is one of the all-new models that will be available soon. Well, the mid-size SUV is pretty old, and fans expected the redesign even earlier. But, better late than never.

The 2022 YM is coming without any key update. So, Lexus and Toyota are going all-in for the 2023 season. The GX is interesting in many ways. It is larger than RX but smaller and more affordable than the LX. Both of these popular SUVs are going to introduce novelties and the GX is going to follow its siblings. The fresh look is about to bring more attention in the first place.

Regarding the drivetrain, we still don’t know what is going to happen. The 2023 Lexus GX 460 might keep the current powerplant, which delivers an excellent performance. The company is also working on hybrid motors and a new turbocharged unit. Those are also options for the mid-size SUV. One thing is sure – the GX will keep superb off-road capabilities.

2023 Lexus GX 460 redesign

2023 Lexus GX 460 Changes, Exterior and Interior

It’s about time for the update. The mid-size luxury SUV is quite old and even a couple of facelifts can’t trick fans. The complete redesign and a new generation are only things the 2023 Lexus GX 460 can make attractive again. However, it requires a lot of resources, financial and manpower, to complete the project. Also, there are other priorities for Lexus, such as a new LX and RX. Those are flagship and best-selling SUVs, so there is no surprise why there are no too many speculations about the GX. We can monitor the situation with the Land Cruiser Prado across the ocean. Toyota is updating this SUV and we can see some solutions on the new Lexus vehicle.

The redesign is going to bring a new interior and exterior. It’s been a while since the last update and everything new will be a big refreshment. Outside, expect a more aggressive grille. This is a highlight of every Lexus SUV. The GX has one of the boldest. Since the off-road capability is another trademark, the upcoming vehicle might sit higher than before. Ground clearance should be at least 9 inches. We don’t expect the vehicle to grow more.

So, the interior space remains the same. Well, the update of the cabin could provide more comfort. The 2023 Lexus GX 460 will be a seven-seater with plenty of space in the first two rows. The rear row is a bit tight and suitable for children. Higher trim levels will either install captain’s buckets or offer them as an optional upgrade. It will make the GX more luxurious. The company also works on the improvement of the infotainment system. All the modern features and accessories will be there, especially those which will link infotainment with mobile devices.

2023 Lexus GX 460 interior

2023 Lexus GX 460 Specs

A V8 was a reliable partner of the luxury SUV for a long time. A 4.6-liter displacement is delivering 300 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque. Well, that is not too much more than a 3.5-liter V6 can do. Plus, a V8 consumes a lot more fuel. But, the 2023 Lexus GX 460 is going to be heavier than RX. Furthermore, it also adds off-road capabilities that will make the SUV thirstier. The new model, even with a lighter body, won’t return more than 20 mpg on highways. A two-speed transfer case also features a locking differential for better traction on rough terrains.

The carmaker is working on a turbocharged V6 configuration. The full-size LX is going to need more power, but the same I-Force Max engine could be a powerplant for the GX. But, we would say that hybrid is more likely to happen. The truck-based SUV is riding on the ladder frame. Toyota is also working on a hybrid pickup and Tacoma is getting such a setup pretty soon.

2023 Lexus GX 460 specs

Release Date, Price, Competition

Outside the US, the luxury SUV is appearing as the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. Since the model is also being updated, we can monitor updates and try to figure out what to expect from the 2023 Lexus GX 460. One thing is sure – if Toyota redesigns LC Prado, the same will happen to the Lexus GX. Nevertheless, the official statement is not going to be announced until next year.

The GX will keep the price for the 2023 YM. That means the base MSRP starts at $55,000. High-end models will cost $70,000. The competition in the mid-size luxury SUV class is tough, but there are no too many rivals that can offer such an off-road performance. On the other hand, the price is the stumbling block and there are a few more affordable options – Toyota 4Runner, Jeep Wrangler, and Ford Bronco.

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