2023 Mercedes G-Wagon electric

2023 Mercedes G-Wagon is Getting Electric Drivetrain

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The Tri-Point Star company is preparing some stunning changes for its most luxurious SUV. The 2023 Mercedes G-Wagon is going to be an all-electric vehicle! It is not a joke. But, you shouldn’t be too surprised. The EQ platform is taking place on more and more crossovers. But, the question is –how the high-performance SUV is going to get along with the electric battery. Let’s be patient. The 2023 season is not too far away and experts are ready to test the new EV.

The new EV is going to be the biggest change on the legendary SUV. The 2023 Mercedes G-Wagon styling stays the same. Boxy appearance was never in doubt. Nevertheless, for the new season, there won’t be too much job for designers. On the other hand, engineers have a lot of work to finish. Meanwhile, fans are going to listen to the rumors eagerly. The price is a real mystery. However, do not expect a bargain.

2023 Mercedes G-Wagon electric

Electric G-Wagon

The G-Class is the most luxurious model in the SUV lineup. Some while ago, we saw the Brabus version with a $250k price tag. Mercedes is never disappointing when it comes to luxury. The new GLS SUV features the Maybach package. No need to mention what does it brings. The next step in the evolution is the all-electric drivetrain, not only for small crossovers but also the big rigs.

Where does the rumor come from? Gear Patrol is one of the first magazines to report about the electric 2023 Mercedes G-Wagon. According to Car and Driver, the platform for the SUV is EQG. It confirms our predictions that the EQ architecture is going to underpin the high-luxury model. But, this source didn’t have the release date schedule at the moment of writing of this article.

What makes is so special? Well, even the 2023 Mercedes G-Class with a conventional drivetrain is a unique model, the only one that uses body-on-frame architecture. It makes the SUV more capable and durable, able to handle the biggest obstacles. Of course, it wouldn’t be so easy if configurations centered around big V8 engines are not under the hood. So, the main concern is if the electric battery can make the G-Wagon perform at the same level as the petrol unit.

2023 Mercedes G-Wagon ev

Engine Specs

Let’s check the highlights of the existing setup that will be carried over to the 2023 Mercedes G-Wagon. A 4.0-liter V8 is the beast that lays under the bonnet and creates 415 hp and 4450 lb-ft. It is possible thanks to twin-turbo system enhancing the outputs. Turbocharger is positioned between cylinders and it decreases the level of turbo lags. A gearbox that sends power to all four corners of the SUV is a nine-pace case. Well, we recommend using premium gas for the best performance.

2023 Mercedes AMG G 63

The top of the class, mighty AMG model, is boosting the engine with more powerful turbochargers. The G 63 is going to return 577 hp and 627 lb-ft. It is hard to believe that the electric drivetrain can match such numbers and performance. It needs a bit more than 4 seconds to sprint 0-60 mph. The time is even more impressive, having in mind weight of the SUV is 5,850 pounds. AMG package adds 300 pounds of equipment. While the exterior upgrades are all about details, such as badging and rims, the interior is even more luxurious than the standard model.

2023 Mercedes G-Wagon amg

2023 Mercedes G-Wagon Price

The release date of the new 2023 Mercedes G-Wagon will heavily depend on the process of development of the electric drivetrain. According to our sources, the company will start building the new EV late in 2022. The sales start for different markets are yet to be confirmed. Anyway, the base model stays pretty much the same. The new electric G-Class will cost higher than the base edition ($131,000). The pricing of the AMG version is around $160,000 and options can bring the MSRP to $180,000. That is where we could see the EV. But, it will depend on the size of the battery and capacities. No need to predict state-of-art technology, such as autonomous drive and all the connectivity options to smart devices.

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