2023 Dodge Journey

2023 Dodge Journey Comeback Rumors and Facts

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Dodge is not as popular and widespreaded brand as it used to be. However, their fans are still very loyal. They even call Ram trucks – Dodge Ram. But, the fact is – there are no too many vehicles available using this logo. Challenger and Charger are famous muscle cars, Durango is an SUV, while two sedans, Attitude, and Neon, are not available in the US. Grand Caravan van and Journey SUV were discontinued in 2020, but the company could bring one of them back. Today, we’ll check out the rumors about the 2023 Dodge Journey.

The brand is owned by the Italian-American corporation FCA. Some of the biggest names in the family are Ram, Jeep, Fiat. Besides Dodge, another classic carmaker uses the same plants – Chrysler. Well, only a few of them are growing, while Dodge is now only at two models in the US. The return of Journey is going to improve the presence. But, the mid-size two-row SUV is not a quite popular segment. Also, you can make Durango a five-seater, so it makes not too much sense to bring back the 2023 Dodge Journey.

2023 Dodge Journey

What’s New?

The SUV needs to improve. A lot. The class it belonged to was not so popular and Journey could be called the Durango competitor. The company might downsize the upcoming model and put it in the more popular class. Still, even Durango is making problems to Jeep Grand Cherokee. So, the new version might move to the new platform. Instead of unibody architecture, a ladder frame is going to underpin the SUV. Again, that move will make more space for the 2023 Dodge Journey.

As a compact crossover, the nameplate could have more chance. Best-sellers in this class achieve more than 400k sales per year. It won’t be easy for Dodge to introduce itself to the new segment, especially with well-known models dominating the class. The FCA is already there with Compass and Cherokee. So, adding Journey would be another competitor. On the other hand, the carmaker is now in the full-size class with a pair of Jeep units. The 2023 Dodge Journey can spice things up, becoming a great option for long family trips.

2023 Dodge Journey interior

Why the Journey Was Discontinued?

Slow sales in the first place, are the reason why the company decided to take a break. Back in 2018 and 2019, chiefs thought it is going to be too expensive and unpredictable to update the vehicle. Also, the manufacturer turned funds and manpower to the development of new vehicles. So now, we have a Jeep truck, Wrangler PHEV, and Durango SRT with a Hellcat engine. Those are just a few highlights.

So, why would FCA bring back the 2023 Dodge Journey? Actually, there are no too many reasons for that. The competition is tough and the investment is pretty high. With such odds, there is no reason why the manufacturer is not coming out with details about the return. On the other hand, rumors started pretty soon after the discontinuation. FCA might be exploring options and the mood of its fans.

2023 Dodge Journey price

Will There Be the 2023 Dodge Journey?

Sorry to say, but with all the facts, we don’t think that the 2023 Dodge Journey is coming back so soon. It’s been a few years since the company decided to drop the nameplate and test new markets. The mid-size two-row class is not promising, as well as all other available options. Some kind of electric treatment could draw attention, but FCA is not so into EVs. So, for now, we are leaving this option open, with a small chance of the 2023 Journey happening.

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