2023 Honda Passport interior

2023 Honda Passport News: Redesign Details

Don’t feel bad if you make a mistake and mix up two Honda SUVs. Passport is the newer vehicle that was based on the Pilot. Up front, there are no differences easy to spot. The tail can unveil how to recognize each SUV. The redesign of the upcoming Pilot is going to make it easier. But, the 2023 Honda Passport is also under revisit and it can get a modern and unique look.

This is a mid-size SUV with two rows of seats. It offers more space than the CR-V, as well as extra power, since the Passport is using a V6 engine. On the other hand, it is more affordable than the larger Pilot and consumes less fuel. Still, it lacks power and space compared to a bigger sibling, and its pros compared to Pilot become cons against CR-V.

The two-row mid-size SUV market is not quite popular, although it is positioned between two best-selling segments. Buyers will more likely opt for a budget-saving package (CR-V), or go all-in with power and space.

Passport was quite popular SUV during 2000s

2023 Honda Passport Changes: First Update

With reports talking about the 2022 YM coming unchanged, we are now pretty sure the 2023 Honda Passport is going to bring the first major facelift. This is not a new nameplate, since the company was producing the SUV 20 years ago. After a break, the Passport came back without big announcements in 2019. Even then it didn’t bring some stunning and cool look, since the vehicle was very similar to the Pilot. Now, four years later, Honda is ready to redesign the Passport and make the look distinctive and more aggressive. On the other hand, the main goal is to keep off-road capabilities, which is one of the few things that make the difference to the closest sibling.

At this point, there are no 2023 Honda Passport spy photos available. Sources inside the company are reporting that the development has started and the results are not going to be unveiled before 2022. So, we can speculate about the redesign and compare the SUV to the future concepts and existing redesigns.

2023 Honda Passport elite

Engine Upgrades

There were no differences here either. The Japanese company just carried over the same drivetrain the Pilot SUV is using. A 3.5-liter V6 is one of the most reliable powerplants in the market and the reason why Honda is so popular. But, that makes the Passport nothing but the smaller Pilot. Still, a few upgrades and tuning will make a smaller SUV more capable of driving off the road. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of 4×4 adventures, there are a few other SUVs that will make the ride way more thrilling.

A 3.5-liter V6 is ready to deliver 280 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque. Engineers will probably improve the towing capacity from the current level, 3,500 pounds. Pilot can haul up to 5k. A nine-speed automatic transmission is the router that sends power to front or all wheels. After the redesign, we could also see another drivetrain.

The first thing coming to our minds is a hybrid unit. Both 2023 Honda Passport and Pilot will need such a powertrain to stay competitive. Test mules of the three-row SUV were spotted some while ago wearing heavy camo. But, the company didn’t want to hide the charging spot above the front wheel. The prototype is promising news, but still not officially confirmed. Also, the upcoming SUV can downsize a V6 to a four-cylinder, supported by a turbocharger. The main goal is to save power outputs and improve gas mileage.

2023 Honda Passport interior

Trim Levels, Colors, Interior

The redesign is going to bring a new look to the SUV. At this point, we can only guess the final styling. But, the company will keep Elite and Touring trim levels as the high-end options. All-wheel drive, navigation, wireless charging, cruise control, and other advanced features are going to be standard. Even the base trims are getting more options. Some which are currently optional will become a part of the base offer. The color palette will probably suffer the most. Well, that is how it goes even when a smaller update is coming. The interior layout is also new, with more storage compartments and driver-aid options.

2023 Honda Passport Release Date

The new 2023 Honda Passport is coming in the first half of 2022. The Japanese company is not going to hurry, so it will be mid-year when the redesigned vehicle is about to show up with an updated look and prices. There is no too much room for going up, but the MSRP will gain some value for sure. It was quite of a surprise when the Passport came back. Even smaller and with fewer seats, the SUV was more expensive than the Pilot. But, after the first edition, the company reshuffled some options and made Passport more affordable.

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