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10 Coolest SUVs for 2021

You are reading the most interesting list of 10 Coolest SUVs for 2021. We won’t talk about the most popular vehicles or these models which will bring the most novelties. We made a list of these crossovers and SUVs that can stun you next season. And here is the list:

2021 Volvo XC90

You might expect the XC40 on this list since it is all-new and comes with the electric drivetrain. But, the most important model in the lineup remains the mid-size 2021 Volvo XC90. The SUV is 195 inches long and it comes with three rows of seats. Plus, there are three different engine configurations available, with the latest one, Polestar, bringing the most power. A 2.0-liter supercharged unit in the combination with a plug-in hybrid system can burst 415 horsepower.

That is a step ahead of the most rivals in the luxury mid-size segment. Plus, Volvo is well-known for its premium features and materials inside the cockpit. You won’t lack any of the important systems, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. But, navigation is part of the most expensive package of equipment.

2022 Volvo XC90 Gets Electric Motor, And Autonomous Drive (Level 4)

2021 Dodge Durango

The new era for the Durango SUV starts next season. The company is moving this model to the new platform. The 2021 Dodge Durango will ride on the body-on-frame architecture. Also, the production is about to be moved to the same factories where Ram 1500 truck is built. So, a new platform, design, and possibly engines will make this SUV pretty attractive.

We can read that the upcoming 2021 Dodge Durango is finally getting the Trackhawk edition with 707 horsepower. The power is coming from a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 unit. Still, buyers of the SUV will remain with similar options as before.

The SRT is also one of the powerful models in the market with nearly 500 ponies for the next season.

Officially Confirmed – 2021 Dodge Durango (New Generation)

2021 Dodge Durango hellcat engine
2021 Dodge Durango Hellcat engine will deliver 707 hp

2021 Audi Q5

Although the arrival of the Q8 is drawing a lot of attention, the 2021 Audi Q5 is a flagship model. We are seeing the latest updates on this compact crossover, and next season we will get an E-Tron version. Electric SUV is going to improve fuel economy and outputs of the existing system. However, Audi needs to elbow its way against BMW and Mercedes. The new Q5 is about to succeed, especially with the new drivetrain.

The 2021 Audi Q5 is coming with 2.0 and 3.0 displacements. The Tiptronic automatic gearbox is sending power to all wheels (Quattro system). The most powerful unit is the E-Tron with 362 hp, 13 ponies more than the standard V6 configuration can offer. Premium, Premium Plus, and Prestige are the trim levels you can pick for the Q5.

2021 Audi Q5 Changes Unveiled – The Most Interesting Updates

2021 Audi Q5

2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The best-selling mid-size SUV must be on our list. There are a few reasons. One of them is that FCA leaves open a three-row version. The company works on the new Wagoneer, which will take the position in the full-size segment. But, the Grand Cherokee could offer more seats than before. The major change is the cut of the SRT badge, which remains exclusive for Dodge vehicles. But, the king of the lineup is Trackhawk. Plus, it still keeps a 6.4-liter engine, which will be a pair under the same nameplate as the Hellcat engine.

The only downside of the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee will be the lack of a hybrid engine. The company is now into hybridizing the Wrangler. The off-roader comes with the plug-in system, which is a big step. However, it is not enough to become more popular and cooler than the Grand Cherokee. The starting price is also pretty attractive, but the high-end models will cost nearly double as the base versions.

2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee Redesign – What We Know So Far?

2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee srt

2021 Infiniti QX60

Nissan and Infiniti are planning a raid of the US market in 2021. The Japanese company and its subsidiary took a break in development this year to continue the development of new vehicles for the upcoming season. Again, we can find more interesting concepts that will be used for QX80 (Monograph platform) and QX50 (Ariya concept). But, the 2021 Infiniti QX60 is going to be the coolest because of its versatility.

You can pick a version with two or three rows of seats. Furthermore, a hybrid unit is also a new arrival. That is not all since we could see new trim levels. All in all, the QX60 will be the best combination of power and efficiency you can get from Infiniti in 2021. If Nissan speeds up the development, the new self-driving features might be available on their crossovers and SUVs. The Japanese carmaker unveiled plans for Level 4 autonomous drive.

Redesigned 2021 Infiniti QX60 Will Be the Best Mid-Size Luxury SUV

2021 Infiniti QX60

2021 Lincoln Nautilus

Navigator is the best-known SUV in the lineup, Aviator is coming with a powerful hybrid engine, and Corsair is an all-new crossover. But, the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus is somehow the coolest one of all. Of course, we recommend the Black Label trim for the best impression.

The mid-size crossover SUV replaced the MKX and redesigned the look of the old nameplate. It is still fresh and the new generation is not arriving until 2023. The power comes from a 2.0-liter turbo-four unit with 250 hp. But, you can upgrade the output with a 2.7-liter drivetrain for 335 hp. However, it won’t cost you too much fuel and the combined fuel economy is 22 mpg, which is more than enough for this type of SUV. Unfortunately, the vehicle is not offering a three-row version.

2021 Lincoln Nautilus Minor Refresh, Hybrid Engine is Possible

2021 Toyota Sequoia

If you want to go off-road, 4Runner is the first thought. If you want a luxury SUV, Toyota dealers will sell you Land Cruiser. Rav4 is the best-selling crossover in the US, and Highlander is the most efficient in the mid-size class. Since everything is covered, we put the 2021 Toyota Sequoia as the most appealing model for the next season. Why? It has a cool name in the first place. Sequoia is also the largest model in the lineup. Finally, the SUV is the newest member of the TRD Pro lineup.

A huge 5.7-liter engine is making the 2021 Toyota Sequoia a reliable SUV. It is also a durable powertrain. The TRD Pro model will make the Sequoia closer to the Land Cruiser. However, it won’t offer as many premium features and options, making it way less expensive. The price will start around $50,000, under average values for the full-size SUVs. The 2021 Sequoia comes with three rows of seats and total cargo space of 120 cubic feet behind front seats.

Redesigned 2021 Toyota Sequoia Introduces New Features

2021 Toyota Sequoia android auto
Android Auto becomes available

2021 Lexus NX

It is time for the NX update. Lexus brought a new UX, and the GX is also on the way. We will have to wait for more for LX and RX. The 2021 Lexus NX is available with a turbocharged petrol engine, and a hybrid model that exploits a 2.5-liter unit. Plus, there is the F Sport version with more aggressive styling. So, the NX offers everything you want from the compact crossover. It also comes with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto next season.

The styling is making all Lexus vehicles so special. But, the small SUV carries it the best. The spindle grille is not as aggressive as on the RX and it could become bigger with the new generation. Interior features and options are luxurious, and you will have enough options to make the 2021 Lexus NX even more aggressive.

2021 Lexus NX Latest News – Changes, Redesign, Hybrid, F Sport

2021 Lexus NX 300h hybrid

2021 Honda Pilot

Pilot made a strong impact on the market once. Now it is time for the second round. The company is finally redesigning its flagship model, and the new look is going to revive the interest of old fans who tried some other mid-size SUVs. The Japanese manufacturer is well-known for its reliability and the 2021 Honda Pilot will be better than ever. The new look will make it different from the Passport.

Under the bonnet remains a 3.5-liter V6 as the main source of power. Nevertheless, rumors about the 2021 Honda Pilot PHEV are pretty loud. The company already offers a hybrid for Acura MDX and the plug-in version will pump 400 ponies from a 3.0-liter displacement for the Type S model. A similar configuration is going to produce power for the new Pilot as well, but not so many ponies.

2021 Honda Pilot Redesign is Delayed

2021 Honda Pilot touring

2021 Ford Bronco

If you thought there is no place on our list for the debut of the season, you are wrong. The 2021 Ford Bronco is a star and probably the biggest arrival. We expect to see an official premiere at the NAIAS 2020 (if it is not postponed). At this moment, most things about the SUV are rumors. The company teased it a couple of times, but not the entire model is unveiled yet.

Also, we had a peak on the Bronco Sport version (latest spy shots), Baby Bronco, and there are speculations about the two-door Bronco and a truck version. On the other hand, we still want to know a lot about the SUV. This mystique makes the 2021 Ford Bronco so interesting. Whenever it arrives, the vehicle will kill the interest in all other vehicles for a while.

Don’t Miss a Thing About the 2021 Ford Bronco

2021 Ford Bronco teaser
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