2021 Infiniti QX60

Redesigned 2021 Infiniti QX60 Will Be the Best Mid-Size Luxury SUV

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The 2021 Infiniti QX60 might be the star of the lineup in the entire Nissan family. The luxury mid-size SUV is about to catch up with its rivals. The Japanese carmaker made a break in 2020 with updates, focusing on the upcoming season. Having in mind that the mid-size premium segment is being very popular recently, we can expect big things from the next QX60 redesign.

The QX60 is a pretty old vehicle. This nameplate replaced a year old JX35 in 2013, and ever since we are seeing the same generation. Of course, a few facelifts and updates happened, but the 2021 Infiniti QX60 redesign will be the largest portion of changes ever made on this SUV. Designers will revisit both interior and exterior to make the vehicle more appealing and convenient.

Besides the visual effects, the carmaker is also keen on hybrid technology. The upcoming 2021 QX60 might bring back this drivetrain, which was part of the lineup between 2014 and 2017. Well, the SUV needs it to be more competitive. Its rivals, such as Acura MDX, Lexus RX, and Lincoln Aviator are already stealing buyers from Infiniti.

2021 Infiniti QX60 redesign

2021 Infiniti QX60 Redesign and Spy Photos

The look of the QX60 is still appealing. But, it is old, and fans recognize it. The SUV needs a refresh, and Infiniti sets it as one of the priorities for the upcoming season. Nissan and its premium subsidiary launched a few interesting concepts, but none of them was specifically designed for the 2021 Infiniti QX60. The closest thing we can see is the Monograph platform, which was advertised as the new architecture for big rigs. The QX80 will ride on this concept. We will see if designers are going to adapt it to the smaller mid-size SUV. Definitely, the Monograph platform has a lot to offer. More space, the capability of taking larger and hybrid units, and lighter body are just some of the advantages the QX60 could get if the architecture underpins its structure.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 outburst slowed down the development and probably delayed the release date. We expected to see more Nissan and Infiniti vehicles in mid-2020, including the QX60. But, spy shots are still unavailable. We will keep monitoring the situation and come back with more updates as soon as the company gives us something. For now, only Nissan Rogue showed up under a heavy camo.

Infiniti Monograph Concept

QX60 Keeps V6, Adds Hybrid, V8 is Possible

Infiniti will stick up to a V6 engine the current edition of the premium SUV is using. A 3.5-liter unit is pretty capable and reliable with 295 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque. We’ve heard that Nissan is working on the new transmission, which is about to replace a CVT, currently transferring power to two and four wheels. The gearbox is about to improve the fuel economy as well.

Still, the interest in 2021 Infiniti QX60 will drop unless the manufacturer delivers it with a hybrid engine. All the leading carmakers did it already. Nissan is a bit late, but there is enough time to fix this. A hybrid system was already part of the lineup, but the QX60 dropped it because of the slow sales and expensive updates. Now, the technology is cheaper and more popular and we can see it on sales of Lexus RX. This SUV and Acura MDX tuned the same V6 engine the base version is using, and added 20-30 hp, improving the fuel economy at the same time. On the other hand, Lincoln made its Aviator very potent with 500 ponies under the hood of a hybrid setup.

Another possibility for the 2021 Infiniti QX60 is to pick a V8 unit. With the Monograph concept, it is possible. Nissan can place a 5.6-liter unit under the hood, and the mid-size SUV can gain 400 ponies out of it.

2021 Infiniti QX60 interior
We can expect an all-new interior for the upcoming QX60

2021 Infiniti QX60 Release Date, Price

The SUV will be ready for the next season, that is certain. A hybrid configuration might be late a bit and arrive as an update after a couple of months. The 2021 QX60 is going to debut late this year when COVID-19 pandemic cools down and the car industry starts recovering. Definitely, the SUV could be one of the stars, since its rivals are not taking any big changes for the next season.

The QX60 was one of the most affordable premium midsize SUVs with seven seats. Now, after the redesign, and with the new look, we can expect it around $50,000. There will be also higher trim levels and optional engines, that will make the price go up. A V8 can make it very close to its larger sibling QX80. Light hybrid boost won’t cost too much more from the base offer and it is going to return the investment through a more efficient gas mileage.

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