Infiniti QX65 Concept

Infiniti QX65 Concept: What We Know so Far?

Infiniti teased a coupe SUV, but there are no details about this model yet. The first rumors were speaking of QX55 crossover. But, the latest news is mentioning the Infiniti QX65. This move has sense and the company will go after the BMW X6 and Porsche Cayenne coupe. Nevertheless, the Japanese carmaker is not going to deliver a high-performance model to compete with X6M and Cayenne Turbo.

There are a few pieces of information about the upcoming Infiniti QX65. We know the manufacturer is revisiting the entire lineup. Priorities are QX80 based on the Monograph concept and QX60 mid-size luxury SUV. But, the carmaker teased fans with the image of the coupe-shaped model.

Infiniti QX65
Teaser image published by the company

Infiniti QX65 or QX55?

The first name we hear was QX55. It would be a coupe crossover based on the QX50. It could happen since there are no indications that Infiniti is revisiting the compact crossover. A model with a more attractive styling would refresh the lineup. But, the turnaround is still possible and some sources claim the shown vehicle is the Infiniti QX65. Another shot of rumors bases the theory on the new QX60. Designers would have a simpler job by borrowing the styling from the classic model. Still, a lot of modifications are going to be needed. The coupe version will be more aggressive, but also aerodynamic. There are also questions about the visibility and space at the back.

Infiniti QX65 Concept

All we know about the Infiniti QX65 is coming from a couple of teaser images. The concept is interesting and the nameplate indicates the upcoming model is going to be based on the mid-size QX60. The fresh styling is on the way, which is also an excellent chance to use some solutions for the QX65.

The SUV is going to be a two-row model, unlike the QX60. The coupe design brings a sloped roof and that causes limited visibility. The exterior styling is more attractive, though.

Infiniti QX65 concept
Infiniti is already testing a coupe-SUV

Release Date, Competition

For now, the Infiniti QX65 is just a rumor. A teaser image definitely shows the intention, but the carmaker is not out officially with clear information. Experts and fans are still weighing options between QX65 and QX55. We are still waiting for updates about drivetrains. A twin-turbo is a wish, but the mid-size coupe will probably get a 3.5-liter V6 with 300 horsepower.

Compared to the competition, the new SUV will lack some power. All the German mid-size coupe vehicles are able to deliver at least 350 hp at the base form. Also, BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche push it to the limit with high-end versions with more than 600 ponies. Infiniti is not going after such output, but the coupe styling will make the entire lineup more attractive. The price will be higher than for the QX60, although there is no third-row option. Expect the Infiniti QX65 around $50,000. The release date is not set yet, but the coupe-SUV won’t be in the market before 2022.

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