2021 Lincoln Nautilus Minor Refresh, Hybrid Engine is Possible

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Nautilus replaced the MKX compact crossover. However, the new model is larger than before, so we can call it a midsize vehicle. The total length is now 190 inches. Spacious and powerful, the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus will be one of the best choices. There are even more pros and less cons, since the upcoming vehicle is going to fix issues from its predecessor.

The new season should bring the first update. The Nautilus didn’t just rename the existing MKX. The new-look also took place. After only a couple of years, it is early for the big redesign. A minor refresh will take place on the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus. Changes are not radical, and the crossover SUV will be pretty much the same.

A pair of turbocharged petrol engines are under the bonnet. A hybrid version is very probable. Also, a new trim level. Currently, top of the class version is the Black Label, like for all Lincoln SUVs. Heavily loaded, this version can reach nearly $70,000.

2021 linclon nautilus black label

2021 Lincoln Nautilus vs Competition

By making the MKX larger and renaming it, the premium carmaker faces totally new rivals. Well, larger vehicles are pretty popular in the luxury segment. So, there is no a surprise why Ford decides for such a move in its premium division.

Other mid-size luxury SUVs that could draw the attention are Audi Q7, BMW X5, and Mercedes GLE. Whatsoever, all of these are three-row models whose price starts significantly higher. Buick Enclave is a cheaper option, but less luxurious than the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus. Lexus RX is the most popular one, while the competition also comes from the archrivals. GM had a lot of success with the Cadillac XT5. Acura MDX is available with a hybrid engine, and the redesign will make it more attractive to buyers.

Refresh and Release Date

Although new, the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus will need an update. The carmaker did it only a season after its arrival. Last year, they added a V6 engine with more power. Of course, a couple of new paintjobs will be enough to call it a refresh. Finally, the upgrade of safety options is certain, with more features for the CoPilot 360 system.

We expect to see a new hybrid engine as another package for this SUV. Currently, Reserve is the only higher trim from Standard. The 2021 Lincoln Nautilus will be a class for itself. No other model in the lineup is going to be able to match its luxury and comfort. Still, fans are looking forward to seeing another trim level.

2021 Lincoln Nautilus Hybrid

Well, it is hard to predict what kind of a drivetrain is on the way without evidences. Ford is investing heavy into electrification, so everything is possible. Current engines are a 2.0-liter turbo-four and a twin-turbo 2.7 V6. A hybrid unit we can find on Ford Explorer could be the one for the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus Hybrid as well. With 310 hp, it settles between two current options. Still, it improves a fuel economy from the current level – 23 mpg with a V6.

2021 linclon nautilus v6 engine

Specs, Gas Mileage, Towing Capacity

The base version of the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus will carry a 2.0-liter turbocharged plant capable of producing 250 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque. The engine sends power to an eight-speed automatic gearbox, which forwards it to front wheels. A four-banger returns 23 mpg combined, or 22 mpg if you select an all-wheel drive. The gas mileage is not suffering if you take a V6 unit. In the matter of fact, a twin-turbo mill is more efficient with 26 mpg on highway, but AWD as standard drive. On the other hand, this configuration gains 85 ponies and 100 pound-feet of torque. Maximum towing capacity of the 2021 Nautilus is 3,500 lbs.

2021 Lincoln Nautilus Black Label Features

One thing is not going to change on the new model. The 2021 Lincoln Nautilus Black Label remains top of the class model with the most advanced features you can find. Also, the package includes unique interior themes. A twin-turbo V6 is standard on this trim, as well as the all-wheel drive. 21-inch wheels are the biggest in the lineup. The Black Label also comes with an adaptive suspension and cruise control.

We can find the Chalet theme on SUV’s larger siblings. Light colors will create an impression of mountain chalet and skiing. Dark red/purple shade will dominate inside and outside if you decide to take the Gala version. The third theme is Thoroughbred. The combination of black and brown colors is a perfect choice. However, we also need to mention the Revel audio with 21 speakers, which is a common system for the Black Label, and no other package.

Want to know more about differences between themes of the Black Label? Find them HERE

2021 linclon nautilus black label thoroughbred


The base price of the midsize SUV is $42,000. That is slightly above the Buick Enclave, which is not considered as the luxury model by all measures. Still, two-row vehicles in the same segment are offered from $45,000. On the other hand, not too many of them are following the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus to the Black Label levels.

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