2024 Tesla Model Y changes

2024 Tesla Model Y Comes with Read Wheel Drive and Standard Range

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There will be room for improvements on the 2024 Tesla Model Y, especially after the latest recalls in Germany. Plus, the first impressions about the EV are not as great as many fans expected. With the expansion of the lineup, there are more problems shown with Tesla’s vehicles. It was easy to focus on one or two models. Now, a larger lineup leads to the slipping in quality, according to many comments. The company needs to fix the issues on the Model if they want to see it being competitive. This segment is growing, and several new units are on the way for the 2023 and 2024 seasons.

Although safety is a priority, the infotainment touchscreen can distract drivers. Surprisingly, the carmaker made no smartphone integration services available. That is definitely something the 2024 Tesla Model Y should bring. Finally, this SUV was supposed to be a lighter version of the Model X. But, but the starting price doesn’t show it.

One of the best things you will get with Tesla is a recharging network wider than any other company can offer. Plus, the Model Y can cover 330 miles on a single charge. That makes it one of the best electric SUVs for long travels. Plus, the interior is spacious and comfortable, and the driving is pretty smooth.

2024 Tesla Model Y

Changes On the 2024 Tesla Model Y

As always, Tesla is good at hiding news from the public. While other companies are showing prototypes of their vehicles, tickling our imagination until the official release, Elon Musk is using a different approach. Well, this time he said nothing about the 2024 Tesla Model Y. But, with all the troubles, experts are pretty sure the new vehicle needs improvements. Two existing packages are coming back. An entry-level model might debut, with a shorter range, but a more affordable price. The company announced discounts for the 2023 YM. The following edition might bring the Model Y under $50,000.

Range, Charging

With 330 miles on a single charge, the 2024 Tesla Model Y is going to be one of the best electric SUVs in the market. On the other side, the price is pretty high, so the company is considering moves that will lead to a discount. One of the options is to bring the Model Y with a smaller battery pack. It will cut the price, but also the range. Those are just rumors, although plans of producing Standard Range models existed. The company canceled the base version that was supposed to cost $44,000 and cover 245 miles in a single charge.

So, buyers can purchase the Long Range version and it can go 330 miles before you need to plug it in the charger. The acceleration depends on the configuration and varies from 4.2 to 5 seconds for 0-60 mph sprint. The Performance edition drops the time to 3.5 sec, but the range also slips to 300 miles.

2024 Tesla Model Y interior


Tesla is still the No1 company in the electric cars segment. Innovative ideas are usually turned into production, leaving no empty promises. One of the things the carmaker did is forcing the rest of the old companies to evolve. So, to stay competitive, Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda and others, must find new ways to draw buyers. One of them is building electric vehicles and rivaling Tesla.

There are more and more concepts, not only by existing manufacturers but also some start-up projects. Ford already made the move. Mach-E is a Mustang-based electric SUV, way cheaper than 2024 Tesla Model Y. GMC is out with Hummer, a truck that will soon get an SUV version. In the premium segment, Cadillac is launching the Lyriq. Those two won’t be more affordable than Tesla’s SUV. But, Honda Prologue and Toyota bZ4X will be models with the lowest price on the market.

2024 Tesla Model Y changes

Release Date of 2024 Tesla Model Y Standard Range

Canceled models should be out as part of the 2024 Tesla Model Y update. The base version, Standard Range, was under development and the entry-level version should have a range of 250 miles. The price is going to start under $45,000. The maximum speed is at the same level as the Long Range package. Speaking of it, the rear-wheel drive is another canceled version. In this case, the performance is downgraded. The range is 300 miles, the EV sprints to 60 mph in 5.5 seconds (the slowest time in the squad), and the top speed is 130 mph. This is another model affordable than the current entry model.

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