new 2024 tesla model 2

2024 Tesla Model 2 (Model Q) Cheep Small Electric SUV ($25.000)

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Tesla is a leader in the electric segment. But, the price of its products was one of the stumbling blocks for buyers. Now, with the growing competition, the carmaker needs to figure out how to stay in the game. Although the company has a great reputation, people are not going to pay too much more than for Ford, GM, or Toyota vehicles. That is why the 2024 Tesla Model 2 is one of the projects Elon Musk is currently prioritizing.

The new platform is almost ready and bosses say it can save a lot. According to speculations, the new 2024 Tesla Model 2, or Model Q, as some call it, could cost around $25,000 in the base form. The subcompact crossover won’t offer high-end technology, like other Teslas. Nevertheless, upper trim levels will definitely come with more advanced features and accessories.

new 2024 tesla model 2

New Concept

When the Model X showed up, it made a lot of noise. But, the price of the luxury electric SUV was just too high and EVs were not quite popular a few years ago. Plus, the recharging network still needs to expand. Nowadays, buyers can find more options. It made Tesla build a new platform, which will serve as the base for more affordable vehicles. Model 3/Y did the job – those are significantly less expensive than Model S/X. The Model 3 car starts at $35,000, and that is not a bad price. But, it is not a bargain. Upper trim levels with extended range cost over $45,000 and the Model Y crossover has a $55k price tag.

The next concept will make the MSRP go down to $25,000. Once again, the company is drawing attention. The 2024 Tesla Model 2 will be a car, while Model Q is a subcompact crossover. Compared to the rest of the lineup, we can say with confidence that the Model Q is going to cost more, probably starting around $30,000-$35,000. The concept is almost ready, so let’s check what we know about the new platform for now.

2024 tesla model 2

Reduced Building Cost – Reduced Price of the 2024 Tesla Model 2

There are no doubts that Tesla is delivering quality products. Their design languages and solutions sometimes divide the opinions with the futuristic approach. But, all vehicles are reliable and comfortable. Quality materials are one of the reasons why these are so expensive. However, the price is the key factor in sales. The company needs a budget car to reach more buyers.

The 2024 Tesla Model 2 will be the least expensive car built by this company. Also, the crossover 2024 Tesla Model Q is using the same platform and follows in the footsteps of its sibling. According to predictions, the base cost of the car will be $25,000. We’ll see if Tesla and Elon Musk are fulfilling this promise. Building an electric vehicle is now cheaper than it was a few years ago, so the production is not so expensive and special parts for EVs are also available. Nevertheless, there is always an excuse to increase the price, especially in the automotive industry.

new 2024 tesla model 2 and model q

When Will 2024 Tesla Model 2 and Model Q Be Available?

For now, the only news about the concept exist. However, the carmaker is not wasting too much time and experts believe engineers are already working on the 2024 Tesla Model 2 and Model Q crossover. It wouldn’t be smart to unveil plans to the competition at the early stages of development. Nevertheless, we don’t know how far engineers and designers went at this point. There are reports that the release date is planned for the final quarter of 2023 when the sales should start as well. However, there are experts with the opinion that Model 2 / Model Q can’t arrive in a year. Instead, the 2024 YM would be the concept introduction, and possibly the “Launch Edition”, while the real deal comes in the season 2025.

You already know what does the company plans with the price. The base MSRP should not be over $25,000. Still, don’t expect too much from this version. Long Range model and more packed trim levels will easily jump over $30,000. The 2024 Tesla Model Q electric crossover is not going to cost under this level, for sure. All additional options make Tesla’s vehicle pretty expensive very quickly.


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