2022 Mercedes GLE Models: 350, 450, AMG GLE 63

The German company is preparing a strong campaign for the upcoming season. There will be plenty of novelties and upgrades. Hypercar is about to make an entrance, plug-in hybrid configurations with a lot of power, smart SUVs, and many more. A total of 32 vehicles are on the way, and one of them should be the 2022 Mercedes GLE.

The SUV is already one of the best models in the mid-size luxury segment. After the update, the 2022 Mercedes GLE will cement the place. Powerful engines and the EQ Boost system are something you can’t meet every day. In future, the GLE will feature the PHEV system. But, the German carmaker will have to work harder, since BMW iX5 is already announced. The battle between two giants will be carried over into another world, the electric one.

Cosmetic updates will also make the GLE fresh and attractive. The company will update the interior of the SUV to be more comfortable and safer. The MBUX is the most advanced infotainment system in the world. Mercedes also offers the mid-size SUV in the coupe variant. It is another cool option to upgrade the look of the GLE.

2022 Mercedes GLE 450

2022 Mercedes GLE Engine, PHEV

Under the bonnet of the 2022 Mercedes GLE is going to be a 2.0-liter turbo engine with 255 horsepower. This is not a bad start, but the premium SUV will need more power to keep pace with competition and draw attention to itself. An I6 is another option. The supercharged unit is going to create 370 horsepower, which is more suitable for this segment. The EQ Boost system enhances the fuel economy. Inline-six can also develop 375 lb-ft of torque. The GLE 350 is available with both WRD and AWD. The 4Matic system is the only choice for the GLE 450. The fuel economy is not the greatest with only 21 mpg combined. A four-cylinder unit is not much better, with 20/27 and 19/26 mpg with RWD and AWD.

2022 Mercedes AMG GLE 63 Specs, Top Speed, 0-60

The top of the line version is the AMG 63 model. The AMG GLE 43 was a lighter version, but it is discontinued in 2020. Mercedes boosts the outputs with several upgrades, including a V8 hand-crafted engine and bi-turbo system. With a total of 603 horsepower, the vehicle will accelerate 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. The EQ boost is doing a great job helping the system being more efficient. Still, you can’t expect too much from a 600+ hp-rated SUV. The GLE can’t reach 20 mpg, even on the highway.

The 2022 Mercedes AMG GLE 63 is not so special just because of the engine upgrades. This is a unique package of features you cannot find elsewhere. The standard model is a seven-seater, while the performance version comes with two rows of seats. The cargo space is 33 cubic feet. If you fold the second row, you can gain 42 cu.ft. of extra room. The AMG 21-inch 5-spoke wheels will be revisited, but these parts will leave a strong impression, as well as darkened theme all around the SUV. Although it costs more than $115,000, the 2022 AMG GLE model will offer some additional packages. Heating of the armrests or door panels is optional, as well as a cabin-air purification system, massage seats, and the driver assistance bundle.

2022 Mercedes GLE 350

Redesign, Interior

The GLE offers some of the most advanced systems in the automotive world. The MBUX infotainment left the competition in the dust. With so many options, it is easy to say this is the best and the smartest thing you can find nowadays. So, designers will have room to work on further upgrades, such as interior layout and cargo capacity. The 2022 Mercedes GLE is going to be a seven-seater SUV. It can become a two-row model, but only if you select the AMG package. Otherwise, the comfort can be increased by removing one spot from the middle row. Captain’s chairs add even more luxury.

The company will also reshuffle trim levels. Currently, the GLE 350 and GLE 450 are the options. The highlight of each one is the powertrain. However, a larger engine brings unique upgrades, not only for the drive system but also the interior and infotainment. The company offers a color palette with more than 10 paintjobs. Fresh shades are on the way. A lot of sensors included with the Attention Assist set will keep you safer by monitoring the surroundings. “Hey Mercedes” password unlocks the interaction with the MBUX. You can ask for a coffee or food, and navigation will find the best solutions nearby.

2022 Mercedes GLE interior

2022 Mercedes GLE Price, Release Date

The 2022 Mercedes GLE is in the final stages of development. The production will start soon and the company could launch the new SUV by summer. The sales will start closer to the end of this year. The price is going up. The base MSRP is going to be over $55,000. The AMG is the most expensive version and this time it is going to start close to $120,000.

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  1. Bought the 2021 GLE 450 with AMG Trim Package 2 months ago. Best SUV I have ever owned so far! Wonderful handling and a pleasure throughout. Previous SUV’s were BMW X5 and MB ML350

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