2022 Mercedes GLC release date

All-new 2022 Mercedes GLC: Next-Gen SUV Spotted Testing Electric Drivetrain

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The GLC SUV is being tested again. This time, there will be electric motors under the hood. Mercedes is planning the next generation of the luxury crossover for 2022. The small SUV uses the technology of the C-Class again. Mercedes flagship model goes into the second generation. Only the GLC managed to push the VW Tiguan from the throne of the best-selling all-wheel drive SUVs in Germany. The second generation, which should be out as the 2022 Mercedes GLC, will make a bigger gap.

Fans are expecting big changes. However, the first reports are disappointing. Bosses were clear that no radical changes will be made. The 2022 Mercedes GLC will be based on the previous generation, with new solutions in some areas. Well, the look is going to be updated for sure, to draw more buyers. Inside, the GLC might use the same recipe as the S-Class, where the large screen was installed at the central console. The latest MBUX infotainment system is already stunning. Everything goes touchscreen, so fewer buttons and knobs will be on the control panel.

Two very interesting versions will be the 2022 Mercedes GLC Coupe and AMG 63. The first one brings a more aggressive look, while the second one boosts the power outputs. A small SUV with 500 horsepower cannot leave you cold. On the other hand, the price is out of reach for many buyers, that will likely look for a larger vehicle with conventional, non-premium features.

2022 Mercedes GLC concept
AutoBild reports that the next generation of the Mercedes GLC is on the way

What We Know So Far?

Mercedes bosses claimed that in the future there will be no engine without e-support. In generation two, nothing works under the hood without electrical assistance. The 2022 Mercedes GLC will also use the engines we see in the C-Class. The first catch is a mild-hybrid with 48V battery, even for the basic engine. There will also be an AMG version again, but the high-output model will have to lose a few cylinders. In the first generation, the SUV used a V8! Since a plug-in hybrid is even being discussed for the C 63, the GLC will probably also adopt this drivetrain. At this point, however, it is still pure speculation whether Mercedes will couple an in-line six-cylinder with an electric motor or even use a four-cylinder.

According to the leaked details AutoBild has obtained, the new vehicle is under development, with a more modern, more intelligent and, above all, cleaner look. Visually, the change will not be as radical as between the GLK and the first GLC, but with the long hood, the Mercedes approaches the proportions of the Audi e-tron, as the first prototypes show. Overall, the 2022 GLC looks so much more grown-up. This is also necessary in order to maintain a respectful distance from the new GLA. It has become much more of an SUV. The rear gets more exciting lights and more smooth surfaces and should polarize less than before. The GLC will still be based on the C-Class design but will be a little more independent.

2022 Mercedes GLC Interior

Interior Inspired by the S-Class

A radical new beginning succeeds in the interior. The cockpit is based on the EQS concept. A large touchscreen is the center of the cabin. With this move, the driver’s display looks tin. A small screen remains in front of the steering wheel, and the head-up display has a significantly larger display area. The new interior architecture first made its debut in the new S-Class and then made the leap over the C-Class successor to the new 2022 Mercedes GLC.

Hybrid Configuration and 2022 Mercedes GLC 63 AMG

The EU’s strict CO2 limits demand a lot from engineers when it comes to propulsion. The result of their efforts is called FAME (Family of Modular Engines). In concrete terms: all combustion engines, including the four-cylinder, will be electrified. An electrical module, which is housed directly in the transmission, provides extra power and increases the maximum torque. Of course, it improves efficiency. The first estimations are that 2022 GLC will gain 10 percent better fuel economy. There will be several performance levels of the plug-in hybrids, again a version with a fuel cell – and the successor to the EQC derived from the GLC. Of course, the new GLC will also be available again in various AMG versions. The 2022 Mercedes GLC 63 AMG probably lose cylinders, and the twin-turbo V8 could be history.

2022 Mercedes GLC amg
One of the concepts by Kolesa.ru

Release Date

The company is already running tests on the 2022 Mercedes GLC. However, the crossover SUV is not coming out so soon. The German carmaker prepared a portion of changes for the 2020 YM, so the big update will make fans even more eager to wait. With all the changes and electrification, you can expect the price to go up as well. Currently, the GLC is one of the most expensive models in its class, starting just under $44,000 in the United States. The AMG 63 version with a V8 engine is more powerful than many full-size SUVs. Of course, it leads to the price paid for this model similar to the class it competes.

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