2024 Honda Pilot test

2024 Honda Pilot Redesign, Changes, Release Date, and Price

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Expectations from the 2024 Honda Pilot are huge. The company is launching a new generation of flagship SUVs. Last time, when this happened, the Pilot stole the show. Well, it’s been nearly ten years since that. In the meantime, Honda updated other crossovers and SUVs, added Passport mid-size two-row model, and also revisited the premium Acura squad. With the comeback of the Type S there, we can also expect the Type R to return. And Pilot is the best choice to introduce the new version as the most popular vehicle in the family.

Well, the Type R is an interesting rumor, but the 2024 Honda Pilot PHEV is more likely to happen. The SUV was caught some while ago with an interesting patch on the camo, right above the front wheel. That is exactly where most companies are placing plugs for recharging. Nevertheless, there are no details about the hybrid SUV. Honda will definitely need one to stay competitive. The Japanese carmaker already delivers such a configuration for a smaller crossover, CR-V.

Furthermore, the 2024 Pilot redesign also includes a totally fresh look, both outside and inside. In 2015, this vehicle introduced some cool solutions and features. Over time, Honda didn’t spend too much time on this SUV. Now, the styling is old and it needs a refreshment.

2024 Honda Pilot test
Spy photo credits: Autoevolution

Fresh Look

It is hard to guess what would 2024 Honda Pilot look like. We can check the latest solutions the company used on other vehicles. But, the flagship SUV needs a unique approach. A couple of years ago, the carmaker introduced Passport, which was pretty much the same as Pilot, only smaller. Now, the popular SUV is about to deliver a whole new design language and styling solutions.

As said, spy photos are a bit out of date, but these are indicating something is going on. The 2024 YM is definitely bringing big changes. Not only fans but also the competition is waiting eagerly for updates.


Inside, the 2024 Honda Pilot should be more spacious than before. Test mules look a bit larger than the current edition. It provides more space inside the cabin. However, we’ll see what are the overall dimensions and wheelbase length. Also, a larger body also means extra weight, and it leads to higher consumption. Honda doesn’t want to decrease the MPG rate on the Pilot, even if the hybrid model is going to offer a more efficient alternative.

2024 Honda Pilot spy photos
Spy photo credits: Carscoops


A 3.5-liter V6 is the safe choice for the new 2024 Honda Pilot. The engine is reliable and durable, and that is something potential buyers appreciate. The new configuration might deliver more power. Currently, a V6 mill can produce 291 hp and 270 lb-ft. With extra power, the Pilot would be more competitive. But, the major issue is the gas mileage. The SUV returns only 23 mpg and we can see further improvements here. Front-wheel drive is standard. A nine-speed gearbox can also send power to all four corners. Maximum towing capacity is 5,000 pounds if you properly equip the vehicle. There won’t be improvements in this segment, since most mid-size SUVs are able to do the same.

2024 Honda Pilot Hybrid Features

Under the hood of the new 2024 Pilot might be a hybrid unit. There are no details about this setup, but plenty of rumors are offering explanations. First of all, something that was expected to be a PHEV was spotted a long time ago. Honda never confirmed they are working on it, but that is not a doubt. The carmaker won’t unveil plans to the competition. Anyway, the 2024 Honda Pilot Hybrid would be an alternative to the classic engine. Also, the company already offered a configuration that could be suitable for the mid-size SUV.

Acura is the premium branch owned by Honda and the MDX is a luxury sibling of the Pilot. The MDX Hybrid is out for a while, mixing a V6 engine with electric motors. The power gain is not huge, but it is a cool alternative with improved gas mileage. It is the reason why people are looking for Pilot Hybrid. With eight seating spots, it is a great family vehicle. If it enhances the gas mileage, then the Pilot is becoming one of the best options buyers can get.

2024 Honda Pilot spied
Spy photo credits: Motor1

2024 Honda Pilot Release Date, and Price

We already expected to see the all-new Pilot in 2021 or 2022. However, Honda wasn’t ready to deliver the SUV and prolonged the redesign. Now, it is finally time for the 2024 Honda Pilot. Nothing will be unveiled for a few more months. During 2023, Honda is going to announce piece by piece, until the sales start, probably in the last quarter of the year. The new SUV will be more expensive than before. The base version is already above the class average, with a price tag of $37,500.

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