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2023 Honda Pilot (Redesign, Release Date)

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Pilot is a flagship SUV and it is finally being redesigned. The carmaker brought the latest generation back in 2015. After a huge success, we see no major changes on the vehicle. Now, the 2023 Honda Pilot redesign should make it attractive and competitive again.

In the meantime, the mid-size three-row SUV market became a lot bigger. Buyers are willing to spend more to get extra power and space. It seems to be one of the hottest classes in the automotive industry. The 2023 Pilot is going to be bigger, providing more room for passengers in the rear row. Also, there will be more space for cargo. Now, the SUV is 195 inches long and offers about 109 cubic feet behind the front row. Increased capacity means more of everything.

Still, the major question is related to the drivetrains. A V6 is coming back, that is for sure. An interesting idea is about the turbocharged four-cylinder. Still, that is just an option we see on other mid-size SUVs. But, the loudest rumors are mentioning a hybrid system. Even the PHEV is being mentioned.

2023 Honda Pilot spy photos

2023 Honda Pilot Dimensions, Interior, Colors

The SUV is about to become bigger. The new model is going to be slightly bigger, but not more than 200 inches. The wheelbase could also gain a couple of inches. The 2023 Honda Pilot will still be a three-row model with a seating capacity for eight people. Upper trim levels will cut down a spot in the middle row by replacing a bench with a couple of captain’s chairs. This is just one of the features that can make the 2023 Pilot more luxurious. Still, if you want a premium SUV, then Acura MDX is a great choice.

Besides the new seating layout and more space, the upcoming vehicle is going to present an updated dashboard. An updated infotainment system is one of the first things programmers will have to add. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are already standard. For the navigation, you will need either higher trim levels. There are also leather seats, premium audio, blind-spot monitoring. Of course, safety comes first, so more options will be available all across the lineup. Finally, designers will revisit a color palette. A few more paintjobs are another refreshment.

Spy Photos and Concept

It’s been a while since we saw the test mules of the Pilot PHEV. A lot of camo is hiding details from fans. We can assume the mid-size SUV is going to share some solutions with the recently facelifted CR-V. However, it happened last year, and the 2023 Honda Pilot is not coming in the next two months. New spy photos are showing a more rugged SUV, with significant changes on the body lines, similar to the 2021 Ridgeline truck. Also, the company is not announcing any new concept we could follow. So, fans and enthusiasts need to be patient until the new Pilot becomes official.

new 2023 Honda Pilot redesign

2023 Honda Pilot PHEV, Specs

A 3.5-liter V6 is one of the most reliable and durable engines in the market. However, that doesn’t mean the 2023 Honda Pilot shouldn’t have more options. A six-cylinder unit is good for 290 hp and 267 lb-ft of torque, making it competitive in the mid-size SUV class. A nine-speed automatic transmission is now standard. Honda recently dropped a six-pace gearbox. Engineers also boosted outputs recently.

So, a turbo-four engine might be one of the options for the 2023 Pilot. Such a configuration would be close with outputs and the gas mileage. More miles are coming thanks to lighter materials in SUV’s body. A more significant boost will be achieved with the hybrid drivetrain. It’s already late since similar vehicles are taking over the market. Experts were surprised why the company hasn’t deployed a very similar system to the Acura MDX. With 320 horsepower and gas mileage of around 30 mpg, the configuration can be perfect for city cruising.

However, we wanted to see the plug-in hybrid from spy photos. This one never became official, but test mules looked promising. But again, we’ve learned that nothing is carved in the stone if the company is not out with an official announcement. We just hope the same is not going to happen with new spy photos and the upcoming 2023 Honda Pilot redesign.

2023 Honda Pilot colors

Release Date

Again, we can’t make predictions with Honda. The last time the PHEV model was tested, but never entered production. Again, the prototypes are out in the streets, and 2023 Honda Pilot should bring a great new look. That is something fans won’t want to miss out and the company is not going to disappoint their buyers once again. Entire 2022 will be focused on the unveiling of the new Pilot. The sales are going to start in the second half of the season.

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