2020 Ford Expedition Diesel Specs and Price

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Ford Expedition is the largest SUV in the family. At least until the Blue Oval company returns the Excursion model based on the F-250 truck. The next edition of the full-size SUV will be mostly the same as its predecessors. Well, the new generation arrived in 2018, with big changes. There is no need for updates yet, besides one thing. Since its close sibling is getting a new engine, the SUV is on the same way. The 2020 Ford Expedition Diesel is very possible, although the company is not confirming it yet.

The SUV is based on the legendary F-150 pickup truck. So, every change in this segment means we can expect it on the Expedition. Last year, we saw the premiere of the PowerStroke turbodiesel engine for the 2019 truck. However, it is not available yet due to EPA testing. When it gets a green light, all sibling of the F-150 can count on this drivetrain. One of them is the 2020 Ford Expedition Diesel, which will enter the market by storm, as the first big rig with such drivetrain.

2020 ford expedition diesel release date

2020 Ford Expedition Diesel Specs

The drivetrain of the upcoming 2020 Ford Expedition Diesel will be a Powerstroke 3.0-lite V6. The turbo unit will be capable to deliver 250 horsepower and 440 pound-feet of torque. However, this is an output for a pickup truck, and the SUV could get a minor push to get better acceleration and top speed. On the other hand, the Expedition will lose towing capacity. Well, we can’t see it a downside, since the petrol model is already the best-in-class with 9,300 pounds. Diesel is still going to upgrade it to at least 11,000 pounds. For the F-150 pickup, turbodiesel unit will go up to 11,600 lbs, according to reports.


Ford is putting the new 10-speed automatic transmission everywhere. Whenever a vehicle gets a new engine, this gearbox is there to boost fuel economy and gear switching. But, can it handle the massive torque by the 2020 Ford Expedition Diesel? Definitely yes. But, the company could make a surprise appearance of some other transmission, making everything smoother and more interesting.

2020 ford expedition diesel interior

Diesel vs Petrol

The 2020 Ford Expedition Diesel will definitely get some fans straight away. Towing capacity is better, we already mentioned that. But, what else is on the table? Currently, Expedition is using a 3.5-liter V6 engine. A twin-turbo system will boost outputs to 375 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque. Platinum model is getting 30 ponies and 480 pound-feet extra. So, the diesel Powerstroke unit will lack numbers in both parts. On the other hand, the fuel economy is another thing that will make you consider Expedition Diesel. So, with better towing capacity and improved gas mileage, the new SUV will be a budget-saver. It will cost more, but after a few years, the investment is going to pay off to its owners. We must mention that maintenance costs are also higher for diesel engines, and their future is under question mark because of the pollution.

Diesel vs Hybrid

Ford has a big plan for the future. The company invests big into hybridization and electrification of the entire lineup. By 2030 all Ford’s models will have some of these vehicles in the squad. In the next three years, we will see more than 15 hybrids and EVs in dealerships. The Blue Oval company prepared over $15 billion for the project.

One of the first vehicles to arrive will be Mustang, F-150 truck, and Expedition SUV. So, when speaking of diesel and hybrid engines in the same sentence, we will definitely give an advantage to the cleaner option. All diesel models are struggling. First of all, regulations are more and more demanding, while the price of diesel engines can’t go much upwards. On the other hand, hybrid power is not emitting as much gasses. Plus, all countries are supporting the development of such technologies. But still, the Blue Oval company has a Powerstroke unit ready, which is the major advantage for the 2020 Ford Expedition Diesel over hybrid version for the next season.

2020 ford expedition diesel powerstroke

2020 Ford Expedition Diesel Release Date, Price

The new 2020 Ford Expedition Diesel is not going to be as expensive as its petrol sibling. The cheapest version starts at $53,000. Still, the offer depends on trim levels. If the 3.0-liter turbodiesel unit is going to be available with the base package, the new Expedition could drop under $50k.

Another advantage of the diesel is off-road capability. If the SUV gets such engine, we can also consider the return of the FX4 all-terrain version of the Expedition, which was available for the 2018 season. This unit in combination with a special package of features for the off-road drive will make some kind of a Raptor model from the big rig. Well, we will know more about it when the 2020 Expedition becomes official. Ford will definitely launch it by the end of this year. Whatsoever, diesel doesn’t have to be there right from the start, but it can arrive at the update in the first half of 2020.


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