2024 Ford Expedition interior

2024 Ford Expedition Best Trims and Options

It is going to be really fun to build the 2024 Ford Expedition. The biggest SUV in the family (at least until the comeback of the Excursion) is offering plenty of options. The best things about the full-size SUV are its size and power.

Although it is a V6, the drivetrain is pretty mighty. Expedition was the leader in towing until this year with 9,300 pounds. Now, jeep Grand Wagoneer beats that. There is plenty of room inside, in all three rows. Especially cozy is the first row. The SUV also offers advanced options that will make any trip or job easier. The cargo area is a segment for itself. You can expand the space by folding the third and even the second row. Finally, thanks to numerous options, the 2024 Ford Expedition will also be capable of the off-road drive.

There are also a few things that should and can be better. We can’t complain about the issues coming with the size and weight, such as maneuvering and fuel economy. Those are not expected to sell a full-size SUV. However, lower trim levels are not packed with quality materials. Higher trims can cost as much as some luxury SUVs. We doubt that the Blue Oval company is going to make a discount for the 2024 Expedition, especially seeing all the prices going up.

2024 Ford Expedition timberline

Under the Hood

First, let’s start with the engine configuration for the 2024 Ford Expedition. The SUV is using a single setup. But, it is very mighty and delivers everything a driver of such a big SUV needs. A 3.5-liter turbocharged V6 is ready to deliver 450 hp and 510 lb-ft. But, that is the setup for high-end models, such as the F-150 Raptor truck, or the luxury Lincoln Navigator. For the Expedition, this engine will do 375 hp and 170 lb-ft of torque. At selected trim levels, outputs can jump to 400 and 440 horsepower, or 480-510 pound-feet. The base gas mileage is around 20 mpg. All-wheel drive is optional.

Base Package

XL is the entry-level model for the 2024 Ford Expedition lineup. This one contains only two rows of seats, which is upgradable to seven or eight. A set of 18-inch wheels is the exterior highlight, although the next trim level offers better rims design. Wi-Fi hotspot is standard. A 12-inch screen is the center of the infotainment, which also features the basic 6-speaker sound system. The XLT package is a $1,000 upgrade. Limited is a mid-range model, while the high-end class starts with the King Ranch.

2024 Ford Expedition interior

2024 Ford Expedition Platinum – Premium Model

Here, we are going to select only the best models to write a bit more about their options and features. The 2024 Ford Expedition Platinum is the most expensive build. The package contains many high-end options, such as genuine leather upholstery. Also, the engine is tuned to 400 hp. On the outside, you can notice a lot of satin aluminum details. Inside, the front seats offer to ventilate and massage functions. Noise cancellation is impressive. Clammers stay outside even at higher speeds. Ford’s most advanced semi-autonomous drive called BlueCruise is also added as the standard feature.

The base price of the 2024 Expedition Platinum will be above $83,000. You can get very close to $100k with several options. One of the most expensive is the Stealth Performance package. With this one, the engine reaches the maximum for this SUV, with 440 hp. Not only that but also sports suspension and brakes are added. The exterior is blacked-out, and massive 22-inch wheels will draw attention.

2024 Ford Expedition Timberline – Off-Road Edition

The big rig is finally out with an off-road oriented package. Nevertheless, the FX4 is still available with all-terrain tires, a 360-degree camera system, an electronic limited-slip differential, unique suspension, and extra skid plates for better fuel tank protection.

However, the new 2024 Ford Expedition Timberline is a better option, mostly because of the boosted engine. Like the Stealth package, it squeezes the outputs to 440 hp. The Timberline bundle also brings a dual-exhaust system and special exterior details. The interior is also cozier. The driver’s bucket is adjustable in 10 ways, while the passenger seat can take 8 positions. A heavy-duty radiator enhances performance as well. The price of the 2024 Expedition Timberline is around $75,000, which places it between Limited and King Ranch.

2024 Ford Expedition cargo space
Cargo space increases to 121 cubic feet with the Expedition Max

2024 Ford Expedition MAX – Even Bigger SUV

The full-size SUV is 206 inches long. But, it becomes extended with the long-wheelbase 2024 Ford Expedition MAX version. The overall length is increased by 15 inches. The wheelbase stretches from 119 in to 131 in. The result is more cargo space inside the cabin. The Expedition Max offers 121 cubic feet of storage area with the second and third rows folded down. All trim levels but off-road oriented Timberline can be upgraded with the long wheelbase. With them, you can select optional packages.

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