2020 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro and Android Auto

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The new 2020 Toyota Sequoia already received the major update for the next season. The company announced that SUV is now part of the TRD Pro squad, together with 4Runner, Tundra, and Tacoma. That is not the only notable update for the upcoming Sequoia. This model, like numerous others, is now available with Android Auto. Again, the Japanese company updated its infotainment system with one of the most popular features for the smartphone’s integration. Unofficially, Toyota will also upgrade its Entune infotainment and integrate it into all new models.

Some would say this is enough changes for one season. But, not the Toyota. The new SUV could launch the new generation. It is one of the oldest models in the family and the 2020 Toyota Sequoia redesign is what vehicle really needs. Yes, it received a lot of updates in the last decade. But, its interior is out of date, and exterior would welcome the big redesign. It can improve Sequoia’s chances on the market, especially with the new Ford Expedition already out, and GM preparing the next-gen Chevy Suburban and its twin GMC Yukon.

2020 toyota sequoia redesign

2020 Toyota Sequoia Needs Redesign and Big Changes

The 2020 Toyota Sequoia redesign is going to present the new look of the SUV to its fans. It must be that way of the Japanese carmaker wants to stay competitive in the market. However, the full-size SUV segment is not the most popular one. All other companies are not updating their vehicles in this tier so frequently. It is obvious that focus is on the mid-size and compact segment, as well as for the hybridization. With Sequoia being out of all these categories, it is hard for the model to push through to take some attention within the company. The TRD Pro package with its features and packages is not enough, and we would like to see the all-new model next season.

Interior and Three-Row Options

The interior of the Sequoia needs the most changes. The SUV offers plenty of space, but the overall look is old. The 2020 Toyota Sequoia will keep the eight-seat layout. This model offers plenty of space, and the next update could offer even more. Seating layout will change, using more room for passengers, and cutting the storage space. Whatsoever, the foldable second and third row will create enough cap for larger items. Optionally, you can turn your full-size SUV into a seven-seater, by option for captain’s chairs in the middle row.

After Apple CarPlay integration in 2018, Toyota made a deal with the second big smartphone system. Android Auto is going to find its way to the new vehicles, starting next season. With so many changes on the 2020 Toyota Sequoia, we believe the big rig is one of the models getting both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. That is not all since Toyota is developing the new infotainment system. The next Entune will offer a lot more than its predecessor.

2020 toyota sequoia android auto

2020 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro

Whatever happens, the 2020 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro remains the major upgrade for the upcoming season. A lot of speculations were there about the next vehicle joining the lineup. It seemed like Highlander or Land Cruiser are favorites against Sequoia, but the underdog came out as a winner this time.

Well, we don’t have all the official info about the upcoming model. But, there will be Fox shocks and suspension system. Of course, the TRD Pro version will use the full-time 4WD with a multi-mode system. A special limited-slip differential and all-terrain wheels are part of the package as well. The top of the line model is also getting the latest safety features.

2020 toyota sequoia trd pro debut

V8 Engine Specs

There won’t be changes in the engine room for the 2020 Toyota Sequoia. A 5.7-liter V8 is still there. That is the most powerful unit Toyota has to offer. With the arrival of the TRD package, you can write off chances for the diesel engine appearing in this full-size SUV. A V8 unit is capable to produce 380 hp and 400 pound-feet of torque. Well, the towing capacity of the Sequoia is not going to be among the best in the class with only 7,100 pounds. Serious haulers will check out big rigs with at least 8,500 lbs. But, none of them will be capable to finish the job in the toughest condition as Sequoia can do it. A six-speed automatic transmission sends power to rear wheels by default setup. Four-wheel drive is optional.

2020 Toyota Sequoia Price

The starting price of the 2020 Toyota Sequoia after the redesign will definitely jump. Options we mentioned and upgrades will make the SUV cost above $52,000. Currently, it is just shy of $50k. According to predictions, the TRD Pro model will settle above $65,000. Currently, the most expensive version is Sequoia Platinum. Next season you will have to spend more than $70,000 to get this one. Add $10k more and you can count on the premium Land Cruiser or Lexus LX 570 by the same company.

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