2024 Toyota 4Runner spied

2024 Toyota 4Runner 6th Generation: What to Expect?

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Toyota has been prolonging the new generation of the iconic off-road SUV for some while. Now, with the arrival of the Ford Bronco and Chevy Blazer, the 2024 Toyota 4Runner needs to bring something special to stay competitive. Of course, there is an army of fans who will stick to their favorite SUV and wait for the new model as much as needed. But, those neutral buyers will look for a fresh offer. That is why the upcoming 4Runner needs to start the sixth generation. Another reason is its age. The current version debuted in 2009. That is way too much.

On the bright side, Toyota started the update of its large SUVs. The premium Lexus LX is the first to offer novelties, and the major one is the I-Force engine. A twin-turbo setup replaces a V8. Also, the legendary Land Cruiser is discontinued. The 2024 Toyota 4Runner is the next in the queue, as well as the Sequoia. Changes are going to include fresh styling, an update of the interior and seating layout, and very likely new drivetrain options. An even more interesting rumor is the revisit of the TRD Pro package. This was the best off-road SUV in the US, and Toyota is ready to make it even tougher.


2024 Toyota 4Runner spied

2024 Toyota 4Runner Redesign and Interior Updates

Like every new generation, the 6th-Gen 2024 Toyota 4Runner comes with tons of changes. It is early to talk about the final look. However, the SUV is becoming more aggressive from the outside. Also, the 4Runner could be slightly larger. It reflects to more space inside the cockpit. By default, the SUV is a seven-seater. But, going on off-road adventures is not for large families. So, most configurations are coming with two rows of seats. The first 2024 4Runner spy photos should be available soon if the company plans an early release of the new vehicle. Then, we will know in which direction the SUV is heading.

New Engines

The 4Runner is one of the largest mid-size SUVs. Plus, it is recognized thanks to its magnificent off-road capabilities. To run smoothly, engineers had to install something special under the hood. The current generation was powered by a 4.0-liter V6 engine. The most recent moves by Toyota can show us what could happen with the 6th generation 4Runner. Downsizing the displacement, installing turbochargers, and keeping a similar level of power output are trends in the entire automotive industry. The carmaker already did it with Highlander and Lexus LX. The 4Runner is probably keeping a V6 engine. A 3.5-liter I-Force is too much for the mid-size SUV. So, a smaller plant, enhanced by turbochargers, could do the job.

2024 Toyota 4Runner spy photos

Hybrid Drivetrain

The 2024 Toyota 4Runner hybrid is another rumor we must pay attention to. Again, we are talking about modern trends, where the Japanese company is a leading player. Everyone is talking about Toyota’s SUVs and crossovers. For example, Highlander is the most fuel-efficient three-row model with 35 mpg. Also, the Rav4 Prime PHEV combines incredible output for the compact segment, 300 hp, with nearly 40 mpg of gas mileage. A similar upgrade puts the 2024 4Runner hybrid under the spotlight. The main question – can this system maintain off-road performances?

Hottest Package: 2024 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro

Well, that is where the 2024 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro steps in. This is a package specialized for the toughest terrains. Unique shocks, suspensions, tires, and other body upgrades make the SUV unstoppable and durable. Mud, sand, forest… whatever the road and weather conditions are, the 4Runner TRD Pro will take you to the destination. For the 2024 season, the company is updating the package. Fans can’t wait to see what does it bring. A version for the Tundra truck might be out already in 2023.

2024 Toyota 4Runner release date

Other Changes: Trim Levels, Colors, Optional Upgrades

Designers are revisiting the rest of the lineup as well. The new look is not coming alone. A fresh color palette is introducing a lot of paintjobs. Regarding trim levels – Toyota will keep standard packages, such as SR5, various TRD setups, and premium Limited edition. Like always, some special versions will be out as well. Buying a certain trim level unlocks further upgrades, such as a premium sound system, navigation, moonroof, additional safety options, or upscale upholstery.

When Will 2024 Toyota 4Runner Be Available?

The 2024 Toyota 4Runner is not debuting in the next six months for sure. As soon as we reach mid-2023, we can expect a detailed review of the 6th -gen 4Runner. The price depends on the level of changes. The base version will definitely be very close to $40,000. The limited model hits $50k mark, and the new TRD Pro will be the most expensive configuration. We’ll see what option a hybrid engine is about to offer. Such a configuration won’t be eligible for lower trim levels. Experts also suspect buyers can combine it with the off-road TRD Pro package.

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