2020 hummer concept

Truth or Just Rumors? Check Out All We Could Find About 2020 Hummer

World economy crises hit the car industry pretty hard. Many models saw an end at the beginning of the new decade. General Motors had to cut Pontiac. But nowadays, fans are more sorry that Hummer SUV was discontinued. Now, when the order is established again, the US giant could bring back one of the most recognizable vehicles in the history of the automotive world – 2020 Hummer. The old HX concept is not going to be turned into a production vehicle. Instead, we will probably see the Hummer H4.

This nameplate was confirmed in 2007 as a 2010 vehicle. The company had big plans to continue the development and production of the popular SUV. But, everything happened very quickly and the carmaker had to give up from this model. Now, the stories are back and the 2020 HummerH4 could be a successor of the famous lineup. We will see if the model is offering a truck version like it was with Hummer H3T.

2020 hummer hx concept

History of Hummers

The 2020 Hummer will be the fourth edition of the off-road SUV. Its main characteristic was a boxy look. The first H1 model arrived in 1992. While it was still in production, the company that built it back in those days, AM General, launched another model, H2. Hummer was based on the army vehicle, Humvee. The third edition, developed by GM arrived in 2005. General Motors recognized the potential of this SUV, but the economic crisis broke all plans for the future vehicle. Meanwhile, the carmaker developed a new HX concept, that should have turned into H4 in 2010. It was the smallest Hummer ever, with the two-door layout. Now, it can’t offer too much for the new 2020 Hummer.

2020 Hummer Specs

General Motors claimed rights for the vehicle. So, the company will definitely provide the SUV with one of its best drivetrains. Well, the last edition used existing V6 and V8 units. The 2020 Hummer could get again a 3.6-liter V6 as the base version. It can develop 310 hp and this is the class-leading output. The drivetrain also delivers 260 lb-ft of torque. The fuel economy will depend on the size, look, and weight of the upcoming Hummer H4. However, do not expect the best in class numbers there, though.

GM could also shake things up by adding a large 4.3-liter displacement to its new SUV. In this case, the vehicle can count on more torque (305 pound-feet), but less power (290 hp). Whatsoever, the H4 aims high, and it must have a V8 to follow its aggressive exterior appearance. A 5.3-liter unit it used before is still in the lineup. It can produce 355 hp and 385 lb-ft of torque and we believe this is the right output for such vehicle. General Motors also produces a larger unit, a 6.2 displacement. It seems to be too big for the 2020 Hummer with 420 hp and 460 lb-ft.

2020 hummer electric
Hummer electric concept

2020 Hummer Diesel and Hybrid

The new engine in GM’s lineup is a 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6. Duramax unit serves as the great alternative to petrol mills, especially for off-road vehicles. The 2020 Hummer definitely has a chance to get this drivetrain. It can produce 280 hp and 450 pound-feet of torque. It will boost the performance in tough situations, but the company will have to upgrade the entire system. Well, Hummer sits pretty high off the ground, so that condition is achieved. We will see what kind of suspension and shocks the SUV is going to use.

In 2009 a custom-built plug-in hybrid showed up. Now, the company is considering to make this kind of power source the primary one. Well, an electric Hummer would be a huge surprise for the entire market. But, if we take a look at the situation, it is not impossible. Tesla is already out there, Ford also announces electric SUV, and GM could respond with the legendary nameplate. Still, Hummer would lose the off-road characteristic. Fans don’t want to hear that and they want to see the 2020 Hummer competing with the upcoming Ford Bronco.

2020 hummer h4

Hummer HX Concept

The latest edition of this name was the HX concept. It was the smallest Hummer ever with the two-door layout. However, the vehicle eventually never entered production. The GM though to downsize the SUV and lower its price. The HX 2.0 platform is going to underpin the new 2020 Hummer. The company is developing it and details are still unavailable.

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