2024 Ford Escape st

2024 Ford Escape EV Debut and ST Price Update

One of the crossovers with the widest offer in the market is ready to add another version. The 2024 Ford Escape EV is on the way and it is a logical move after the successful stint of the hybrid and plug-in versions. Of course, the Blue Oval company is keeping pace with rivals both in the standard market and the EV segment. The small crossover won’t be the first such a vehicle, since Ford already launched Mach-E SUV and F-150 Lighting truck.

Anyway, electrification is expected to move. Not only the Escape but also other vehicles will get batteries as powertrains in the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, the new generation is still not coming out. The mid-cycle refresh is here with the 2023 YM, so for the next couple of seasons, the Escape stays pretty much the same. Special trim levels and paintjobs will be added, and that should be all.

2024 Ford Escape st

Engine Specs

The crossover is a best-seller for many reasons. One of them is an engine that offers both an excellent driving experience and superb fuel economy. We can’t say that performance is exceptional since a 1.5-liter turbocharged I3 engine delivers just 181 hp. Well, that is the class average for compact crossovers and fans of those vehicles will be happy with this output. Also, the plant delivers 190 lb-ft of torque which drops the 0-60 mph acceleration time to under 8 seconds. The 2024 Ford Escape will surprise you with low fuel consumption. The vehicle does 28/34 mpg. An optional upgrade is an AWD drive, which consumes a bit more gas. The I3 engine is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

2024 Ford Escape Hybrid and PHEV

The 2024 Ford Escape hybrid will still be the most efficient configuration in the market. Toyota made a challenge when they launched the Rav4 with a hybrid engine and 40+ mpg. The Blue Oval company decided to respond with a system that allows the crossover to return 44 mpg! It combines a 2.5-liter gas engine with four cylinders and an 88-kW battery. The power output is 200 horsepower. But, what really matters is the gas mileage that reaches 44/37 mpg, or 43/37 with an AWD. What’s more – the 2024 Escape also offers a plug-in hybrid variant. Outputs and mileage are the same, but the PHEV system allows the crossover to go by using electric power only. With an EV drive, you can go 37 miles before the recharge.

2024 Ford Escape EV

2024 Ford Escape ST

The top of the class version of the crossover wears a special badge. The 2024 Ford Escape ST is a performance model with multiple upgrades to make a ride more aggressive. First of all, a turbocharged four-banger with 250 horsepower is under the hood. A 2.0-liter mill also cracks 280 lb-ft of torque. The ST model will need 2 seconds less than the standard version to sprint 0-60 mph. There are also several bodies and interior upgrades that will breathe a sports spirit into this small SUV. A unique grille, performance tires, spoilers, blacked-out details, with sports buckets and a steering wheel are just a few of them.

2024 Ford Escape EV

This will be the biggest novelty for the lineup. However, the 2024 Escape EV will only be the concept, while the production of the electric crossover won’t start before 2025. From what we know so far, the company started the development, and the first appearance will happen late in 2023. A few months before that, the company will make it official. The goal is to build the vehicle that can go around 250 miles on a single charge. But, there are a lot of other things to be improved – recharging systems and the network of recharge stations.

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2024 Ford Escape interior

Other Trims and Colors

The 2024 Ford Escape won’t change too many things compared to its predecessor. The company might add another package or paintjob, but the 2024 YM would mostly be a carry-over. So, we have the Base model starting from $27,500. There are also a few packages based on the ST-Line – Standard, Select, and Elite. Platinum and Active are also trim levels available for this crossover. Seven base colors are Iconic Silver, Agate Black, Atlas Blue, Carbonized Gray and Vapor Blue are metallic paintjobs, Oxford White is standard, and Cinnabar Red is a $500 premium option. Upper trim levels add colors such as Rapid Red or Star White.

The wide choice of options is definitely the main strength of the 2024 Escape and the reason why it will probably remain one of the top-selling models. Compared to rivals, it is pretty spacious inside the cabin and offers many safety features. On the other hand, many fans complain about its price which starts at $27,500 and ends up around $40,000 for the premium versions with the standard drivetrain. Hybrid is not too expensive an upgrade. It will cost you around $1,500 more than a turbocharged I3. On the other hand, the PHEV system won’t be under $38,000.

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