2023 Ford Edge Redesign

2023 Ford Edge Redesign or the Last Run?

Being a two-row mid-size SUV is not the best position in the market. The class is between the two most popular segments, three-row family SUVs and economy compact crossovers. However, those vehicles are still favorites to some buyers, which keep them alive. But, for how long? The 2023 Ford Edge is facing a tough time, especially with the latest moves by the carmaker. Bronco is back and the company is focused on the development of electric vehicles. It puts a big question mark above the future of the Edge. Ford already discontinued Flex and most of its sedans in the US. The Edge could be the next.

On the other hand, two-row SUVs are still a good option for smaller families and longer trips, where you need to load some cargo at the back. The current generation dates back to 2015. Meanwhile, in China, we saw a so-called Edge Plus model, with updated styling and interior. The same thing could happen with the 2023 Ford Edge in the US. Also, the lineup in North America features the ST package, the top of the class version of the SUV.

2023 Ford Edge Redesign

2023 Ford Edge Changes

This class is not so too observed, so it leaves a lot of room for experiments. On the other hand, there is no need for big updates, since the focus is going to be on other vehicles, Bronco in the first place. That makes us think about what kind of the future is in front of the 2023 Ford Edge. This might dictate the level of updates fans are going to see on the SUV.

There are several options, one of them is a full redesign, but there are no official details about that. The SUV might arrive the same, with a reshuffle of equipment across trim levels and an update of the infotainment system. Ford is preparing a new version of the SYNC package. Finally, some people mentioned discontinuation. Even though the Bronco is back, we believe it is not going to be a threat to the Edge. In a few months, the image is going to be clearer about the future of the Edge. By then, we can be sure the SUV is keeping the drivetrain lineup and trim level packages.


Under the bonnet of the 2023 Ford Edge will lay the same base engine as before. We say ‘base’ since there could be new additions. A 2.0-liter turbo-four is delivering 250 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. A two-row SUV is lighter than Explorer, so a four-pot unit is good enough for a smooth ride. The gas mileage is one of the reasons why buyers love this model. There are no too many 190-inches long vehicles that will return nearly 30 mpg on the highway. An eight-speed automatic gearbox transfers power to front wheels. Engineers could deploy some other system in the future, especially if the Edge goes through a redesign. An all-wheel drive is a cool option if you love 4×4.

2023 Ford Edge interior

2023 Ford Edge ST

The 2023 Ford Edge ST is top of the lineup version. The highlight of the model is a twin-turbo V6 engine that increases the power output. No, it is not a mighty 3.5-liter displacement, nor a 3.0-liter mill we see under the hood if Edge’s larger siblings. A 2.7-l plant creates 335 hp and 380 pound-feet, which is more than enough for a two-row SUV. An all-wheel drive is standard and a seven-speed transmission replaces an eight-pace gearbox.

Furthermore, there will be numerous body and interior upgrades that increase the price by $13,000. Leather seats are standard, as well as the premium audio. Sports buckets, revisited dashboards, and exterior accents will make this vehicle pretty special. You can expect 18- or 19-inch wheels. Of course, special treatment will make this ride even more attractive.

2023 Ford Edge price

Packages and Pricing

The ST is the best Edge can offer. But, for those who don’t want to spend $45,000 for the ride, there are more affordable options. Even the high-class 2023 Ford Edge Titanium package is going to save you about $5,000. And, you will get a B&O sound system, wireless charging, leather seats, and advanced safety and infotainment package. The ST-Line is not a performance SUV, but it brings some ST notes. Unique bumper and large wheels are making your ride very aggressive.

The SE is the base trim with modest equipment. Still, a few highlights will be Apple CarPlay, dual-zone climate control, and parking sensors. After the update, the price of the 2023 Edge will start at around $33,000. The Edge SEL is a valuable upgrade for just $2,500. In this package, you will get headlights to upgrade with LED lamps, a better sound system, and special details, such as a leather steering wheel and power-adjustable seats.

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