2022 Aurus Komendant release date

2022 Aurus Komendant is Russian Super-Luxurious SUV

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Rolls Royce and Bentley are on alert. News and spy photos from Russia are reporting the 2022 Aurus Komendant is going to be a competitor to Cullinan and Bentayga. Well, it is hard to jump into the same league with British carmakers. But, if someone is ready to spend big without worrying if it is going to pay off, these are Russians. Aurus is a brand developed by the national institute. Senat limo is their latest product and the company plans to extend its presence to the SUV segment. Very optimistic move.

However, big western carmakers have no reason to worry. Yet. The 2022 Aurus Komendant is not coming any time soon. Plus, the company will need some time to establish itself as a competitor in its homeland. If this happens, and it is not an easy task, that doesn’t mean Aurus has succeeded. Then, a more complicating job is following – how to sell Russian products in Germany, France, and sales in the UK and the US are hard to imagine. But, these are already political issues. The Komendant SUV has potential.

2022 Aurus Komendant concept

What We Know So Far?

Aurus means business. The new trademark is being registered and the first images published. Nevertheless, expect changes when the company finishes tests. Prototypes are already on the streets and it seems like the COVID-19 pandemic is not slowing down the development of the next luxury SUV. The carmaker is not stopping there. After expanding the lineup to the SUV class, fans could read news about the Aurus bike, which is also on the schedule. This one is going to get power from a pure-electric source. This makes experts thinking if the 2022 Aurus Komendant could get a kind of hybrid/PHEV system.

The company already unveiled intentions to install a 4.4-liter turbocharged V8 engine. The new SUV will be one of the most powerful models in the market thanks to 590 hp coming from a huge drivetrain. Torque is also pretty high, sitting at 650 lb-ft. There are no too many more potent SUVs in the market nowadays. With these results, the 2022 Aurus Komendant would make our list of 10 most powerful SUVs.

2022 Aurus Komendant spy photos


The SUV already wears a huge burden. It is still in development, and fans are comparing it to the most luxurious models in the SUV world. Being a rival to Rolls Royce and Bentley is not easy. These companies are building a reputation for a long time. Some US and Japanese carmakers tried to compete against British manufacturers, but it didn’t last too long. So, this is a big challenge for the 2022 Aurus Komendant.

On the other hand, if the mission is impossible, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to try. Russians are not going to spare on luxury and comfort. Even the national research institute is involved, which means the latest technologies will be available for development.

The first details are encouraging. The styling is bold and big. There are no interior images to show us the layout and styling. But, this 2022 Aurus Komendant cabin will be full of hi-tech systems and features. We expect an autonomous drive, genuine leather, a rear-seat multimedia system, and many more options. The engine makes a statement already, as well as future projects. But, since the 2022 Aurus Komendant is coming from Russia, there will be political games involved. It will be a pity not to see it toe-to-toe against Rolls Royce Cullinan and Bentley Bentayga.

2022 Aurus Komendant

2022 Aurus Komendant Spy Photos, Release Date, Price

The luxury SUV is already being tested, showing that the COVID-19 pandemic is not affecting its development. If everything continues by the schedule, the 2022 Aurus Komendant could be out by the end of this summer. A year ago, the SUV was being transported in Sweden on a trailer when the first spy photos were unveiled. The second appearance shows the Commander (“Komendant” translated in English) in action. The company started the production, but the first 200 units will be serving as state authorities rides. We doubt any useful info is going to be available from these mules since they will have special equipment, not offered for the standard editions.

As a matter of price, Rolls Royce and Bentley are some of the most expensive brands in the automotive world. Will the 2022 Aurus Komendant follow them in $200k and $300k realms?

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