2023 Ferrari Purosangue release date

2023 Ferrari Purosangue Release Date, Interior, Top Speed

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Ferrari building the SUV is probably the hottest news we’ve heard before the COVID-19 outburst. Initially, the vehicle was supposed to arrive as the 2022 YM, but the pandemic postponed the premiere and caused delays in development. So, the 2023 Ferrari Purosangue is more likely to happen. Soon after this one, we could read more rumors about other exotic carmakers stepping into the SUV lineup, such as Lexus and Bugatti. Lamborghini is the first such company to test this market, and positive feedbacks are making to others do the same.

But, according to the first rumors, the 2023 Ferrari Purosangue is ready to take everything to the next level. Well, the Maranello-based manufacturer is well-known for its unique styling, engines, and limited offers. All of these things will make the upcoming SUV one of the most expensive cars in the world. Some say Ferrari is going to slap a $350,000 tag on its latest vehicle. But, engineers and designers will need some time to make everything perfect and worth of investment.

2023 Ferrari Purosangue concept

2023 Ferrari Purosangue vs Lamborghini Urus

This is one of the biggest rivalries in the automotive industry. Well, many drivers are not so into that, since the products of these two companies are very expensive. Not too many buyers can afford one of Ferraris or Lambos. Manufacturers proved their value many times, and they became the symbols of social status. So, you will overpay the 2023 Ferrari Purosangue, but you can be sure that all eyes will be pointed in your ride.

A 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 is going to crunch 640 horsepower. Ferrari is trying to beat it. However, Lamborghini is not sitting tight and the new version is being rumored recently. Even the PHEV system is possible, which will increase the power output. Of course, interior and exterior refreshments won’t be enough to compete with an all-new 2023 Ferrari Purosangue. So, the first redesign or a new version is possible.

Specs, Top Speed

All about the 2023 Ferrari Purosangue is still a rumor. Here are some of the options for the engine room. Experts know that the exotic SUV is getting a lot of power, so a V6 would have to get a kind of hybrid support or a huge turbo system. So, a V8 is more likely, while there are examples where Ferrari managed to handle the power of V12 units. Anyway, none of the engines which we already saw are not going to be used. So, it makes development even harder.

Some sources are claiming the SUV is coming with the plug-in hybrid configuration based on a V12 mill. Hypercar concept was presented in 2014 with 950 hp, but the Purosangue is not going to be so powerful. Instead, engineers could downtune the setup to 700 hp. This should be enough for the max speed of 210 mph and the SUV will need less than 3 seconds to accelerate 0-60 mph.

2023 Ferrari Purosangue hybrid

2023 Ferrari Purosangue Interior and Exterior Styling

The unique build is what makes all Ferraris so special. So, it is impossible to predict even what to expect. The company will make partnerships with all the leading companies in their segments to provide maximum comfort and convenience. Advanced driver-aid options are also expected. The question is – how big the 2023 Ferrari Purosangue is going to be? We got used to seeing it as the two-seater, and this is one of the experiments in the world where space matters. Lamborghini managed to transform priorities.

Renderings are showing what would fans want the 2023 Ferrari Purosangue to look like. However, the production version will surely be totally different. Low profile, aggressive stance, not too big gap under the body, big air intakes, spoilers, distinctive wheels, are just some features we expect from this exotic SUV. It will be perfect for highway runs, and it is hard to imagine Ferrari working on off-road packages.

2023 Ferrari Purosangue

Verdict: Expectations, Release Date, Price

Like said, Ferrari postponed the production of the SUV and the Purosangue is likely to be here as the 2023 YM. The premiere will happen somewhere in 2022. This is going to be a huge announcement, so expect the SUV to steal the show. The price is going to stun you. Early expectations say the MSRP could start around $350,000. That means the massive production is not in the plan and the limited offer will draw interested buyers to react fast. This also means the 2023 Ferrari Purosangue is going to be the new most-expensive SUV in the world, beating Lamborghini Urus, Bentley Bentayga, and even Rolls Royce Cullinan.

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