A Step Closer to the 2021 Honda Element Comeback

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Fans are frequently asking is Honda bringing back Element crossover. This versatile model stole the hearts of its owners with reliability and design. However, the Japanese carmaker discontinued it in 2011 and the vehicle ould come back after ten years as the 2021 Honda Element. Still, all we have on this crossover is not confirmed yet. On the other hand, the chiefs are not so convincing. Have in mind that Honda brought back the Passport SUV out of nowhere. The situation might be the same with Element, but we are aware of such an outcome this time.

Why would Honda do this? Fans are pretty crazy about this unique model. Everyone is praising the durability and quality. Well, that is not a good thing for Honda, especially in modern times when vehicles last shorter than before and we have a new series every few years. Although small, the 2021 Honda Element would draw the attention with its special boxy look. The interior layout allowed enough space behind the second row. The Japanese manufacturer offered special packages for pets, making the entrance easier, and earning the most pet-friendly award.

There are more questions, such as: where would 2021 Element fit in the lineup? As said, the crossover range is expanding, and there is always room in the lineup. Currently, the smallest model in the squad is HR-V and the upcoming vehicle could find the position between it and compact CR-V. The engine choice will depend on the size and we keep the idea of the all-electric model as well.

2021 Honda Element dog friendly package

2021 Honda Element Styling, Interior, Accessories

The eye-catching design is definitely something 2021 Honda Element needs to keep. At first sight, it looks like the mix of minivan, crossover, and hatchback. The boxy look is not just attractive, but also functional. A high roof will allow more items to be loaded. Also, the vehicle stands higher than MPVs, which is the main reason we call it a crossover.

The new Element will be a two-row model with seating capacity for five persons. That is the layout we already saw. We will see what the redesign brings since the vehicle won awards for the practicality of the interior. One of the highlights was the pet-friendly nature and special accessories that make dogs access the cargo easier. Plus, special cages, upholstery, and exterior graphics are something this package is introducing and no other company repeated that.

Dog-Friendly and Camper Packages

After ten years, the crossover will get the latest info-entertaining features. We will see what kind of packages the special model is getting. Touring and Elite are possible high-end trim levels for the 2021 Honda Element. Still, the vehicle is going to get other unique packages, such as the “Dog-friendly” concept. Another cool bundle we would like to see is the 2021 Honda Element Camper. This used to be an aftermarket upgrade before, but the company could adopt it as part of the lineup, or the special add-on.

Learn more about the Honda Element Camper HERE.

2021 Honda Element camper

Engines, AWD

Previously, the crossover used a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. This unit was good for 165 hp and 160 lb-ft of torque. However, this unit is not used anymore by Honda’s crossovers. If the 2021 Honda Element takes the position between subcompact HR-V and compact CR-V, it should be powered either with a 1.5-liter turbo-four unit, or a naturally-aspirated 1.8-liter mill. The first one is more powerful, with 190 hp, while the larger displacement delivers less power, 140 ponies. It seems like a 1.5-liter four-banger, previously used by Civic hatchback, might be the best choice thanks to 180 hp and 180 lb-ft of torque (weaker than CR-V, stronger than HR-V). Front-wheel drive will be standard and buyers will be able to get the 2021 Element AWD as well.

2021 Honda Element Hybrid Specs

Honda is one of the leaders in the hybrid industry. Their cars and crossovers are among the best-sellers. Also, the new CR-V reached 40 mpg in the city. So, there is a lot of potentials. The main configuration is based on a 2.0-liter Atkinson powerplant, which is combined with electric motors. Still, the new 2021 Honda Element Hybrid might take some other setup to improve the gas mileage. Drivers of this vehicle won’t need 210 horsepower.

2021 Honda Element hybrid

2021 Honda Element Release Date and Price

Questions are louder every day. There are more topics nowadays searching for clues about the 2021 Honda Element. However, the company is not releasing anything yet, while there are no test mules as well. We need to be patient. The release date could happen at any point as the company did it with Passport. The price will be somewhere between HR-V and CR-V, meaning around $23,000 for the base version.

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  1. I am in LOVE with my Element! 2003 EX with 172,000 miles and runs and looks practically brand new with minimal work! SOO much room for me anywhere, and I’m 6’4”! I hope they bring this back! I don’t know what I’d do when I finally have to give this one up!

  2. ViEtta K Lindsay |

    Ivan, I am right there with you. I own a 2006 with 170,000 miles. I live on a small hobby farm and I use my Element for everything, from everyday driving to hauling grain, straw, hay and even my animals! I love the ease of cleaning it out after all the hauling by just sweeping it out. If they don’t bring it back I will be at a loss because there is nothing comparable for me to replace it. Smaller trucks are no longer actually small and any other SUV does not have the same capabilities that I have come to love and rely on in my Element.


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