2024 Honda Element usa

2024 Honda Element Rumors, Comeback and Release Date

The most anticipated crossover could be back soon. Rumors about the 2024 Honda Element are not silenced, although there are no official announcements by the officials. The Japanese carmaker might decide to bring it back after more frequent calls from its fans. Durability, practicality and reliability are not easy to match, and those are the strongest cases in speculations about the return of the Honda Element.

It’s been more than 10 years since the last version of the crossover SUV was produced. Anyway, there are plenty of units still in the street. Not only Elements from the last run of production but also older editions are rolling around America. Fans report big mileage numbers without breaking down. Such longevity is hard to find nowadays when companies are updating their vehicles after only a few seasons.

Also, there are versatility and practicality. The Element was not too big. But, it delivered a few cool upgrades and variations. Honda might seriously think about this vehicle to restore its image and keep pace with leaders in the crossover world. Their best bet is the 2024 Honda Element.

2024 Honda Element usa

Why You Love Element So Much?

Practicality and reliability are the two things owners are always mentioning when speaking about their Honda Element. Series from 2003 and 2006 seem to be the best. Many of them hit the 200k miles mark on the clock and still rolling. Drivers are praising how much space is inside, both for passengers, or cargo. Well, the boxy look is not so aesthetic or attractive. But, when it comes to loading a lot of stuff in the back, Element is the best.

There is no suitable replacement for this vehicle. Pickup trucks are not so small and practical. They consume more fuel, maintenance is costlier, and it is not easy to park them in tight lots. We hope that the new generation of compact pickups, led by Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz, can change things up. But, the arrival of the 2024 Honda Element would do the job as well.

2024 Honda Element hybrid

What Will 2024 Honda Element Look Like?

The boxy look is distinctive, but also not aesthetic. In the past 11 years since the Element is not in production, a lot of things changed. Everyone is working on a more appealing appearance and better airflow. Definitely, the fuel economy of the Element was not a strong side. On the other hand, that boxy design, low ride and high top provide a lot of room inside the cockpit. A lot of cargo could fit, and that is what fans are expecting from the new 2024 Honda Element. Also, the technology evolved in the past decade, so the crossover will be packed with more options.

Furthermore, the small SUV was famous for its pet-friendly awards. But not only that. The Element was highly practical for many purposes. Older drivers must remember the Camper Package. The new vehicle will definitely offer something interesting, for sure.

It will be interesting to see where will the 2024 Honda Element fit. The lineup is almost complete. Honda offers HR-V as the subcompact and CR-V ass compact crossovers, while in the SUV class are Passport and Pilot. The Element can take the position between two small crossovers since this is a growing class. But, with its unique style and improved practicality, it can be based on the same platform as any of them.

2024 Honda Element dog friendly package

Under the Hood of the 2024 Honda Element

The powertrain lineup for the 2024 Honda Element depends on its size. However, we don’t expect a V6 in the engine room. The crossover needs to be efficient and fuel-friendly. So, there are two options. One of them is an old 2.4-liter four-cylinder unit. However, this one would need a lot of improvements. Another system is available in the company’s lineup – a turbocharged 1.5-liter plant. It is very efficient and many see it as the new engine for the 2024 Element.

One of the demands by old owners is that the vehicle stick to the manual transmission. A CVT is definitely not a good option. Still, Honda will have the last call. The continuously variable transmission is a novelty and all small vehicles will feature this type of gearbox. It is hard to admit, but when the Element comes back, it will get the CVT.

Hybrid/Electric Drivetrain

Another option is to see the 2024 Honda Element hybrid. Not nonsense, especially having in mind the exceptional mileage the CR-V can achieve with such a setup. It will also fix one of the issues and reasons for the discontinuation of the Element more than ten years ago. Back then, the company decided not to invest in redesign and engine improvements. Now, the Element Hybrid would do the job.

Also, Honda is working on all-electric vehicles. Nevertheless, if the crossover comes as the EV, it is a totally different model. Again, the Element is all about practicality and reliability, no matter what kind of powertrain it is using.


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