2023 Honda Element render

Will There Be 2023 Honda Element?

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The 2023 Honda Element is under a consideration for the Japanese company. There are a lot of fans waiting for the comeback and they are seeing disappointment after disappointment. The Element was one of the most durable and versatile crossovers in the market. Even after 11 years since it left the production, we can see them on the streets. Today’s quality is questionable, and Element was built to last. Some say that the company didn’t like that because owners of this vehicle didn’t want to replace their rides so often.

Well, the comeback of the 2023 Honda Element doesn’t guarantee the quality. The company might decide to build it again, with the classic boxy look. Nowadays, crossovers are more aesthetic. Also, the build quality is not going to be easy to match. Plus, does Honda really wants to do that? So, bringing back the Element, but not building it to last, would be a huge disappointment for old fans and enthusiasts. Because of this, we don’t believe in Element’s return.

2023 Honda Element

What Fans Like and Want?

Definitely, fans are in love with this vehicle. We already wrote about the potential comeback, and the feedback from the owners was helpful. The Element is reliable and durable, and often you can find them with 200k+ miles in superb condition. Plus, practicality was the key. The boxy look was drawing attention. However, it provided more space in the back. The crossover received an award for the pet-friendly vehicle, and it is only one of many purposes. You can store many things in the back.

Time’s flying and things change rapidly. Some features and solutions you can find on the old vehicle are hard to expect for the 2023 Honda Element. The boxy look is not aesthetic. Also, the company is rarely using a manual gearbox. And that is exactly what fans would like to get. Hauling doesn’t need to be breathtaking, but practicality is key here.

2023 Honda Element render

Where Would 2023 Honda Element Fit?

Honda’s crossovers and SUVs lineup in the US is almost full. But, every now and then, a new sub-class is discovered. In the subcompact segment, there is HR-V and CR-V is one of the best-selling vehicles. Between subcompact and compact classes, there should be a spot for the 2023 Honda Element. Chevy Trailblazer and Nissan Rogue Sport would be rivals. But, Honda Element is going to compete with them only because of its size. A unique look and set of features should make it unique. If Element becomes a smaller CR-V or bigger HR-V, then it won’t bring back all its characteristic options and reasons why its old owners just love it.

2023 Honda Element concept

When Will 2023 Honda Element Be Available?

From this point of view, the 2023 Honda Element is not likely to happen. Still, hopes never die and in the last 3-4 seasons, rumors are only louder. Honda is not denying or confirming the arrival of this iconic crossover. Either way, the carmaker will have to do something radical – either to disappoint fans or to build the Element better than ever. It won’t be easy.

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