Minor Changes on the 2021 Ford Edge

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Mid-size Edge is an SUV slotted between Escape and Explorer. For the new season, we don’t expect too many changes on the 2021 Ford Edge. The current generation is running out and the vehicle received a big treatment in 2019. The next series of SUV is coming in 2022 or 2023, so the company is not going to waste too much time and funds for another update.

The 2021 Ford Edge is going to be a cool-looking vehicle with plenty of options inside the cabin. Also, there are two drivetrains. Both are turbocharged. A four-cylinder unit is the base one, while the Edge offers the performance-tuned ST model as well. New colors introduced after the facelift could take the most changes in 2021. Besides that, we could see more equipment inside the cabin.

2021 Ford Edge Redesign

Is Ford Discontinuing Edge?

A lot of rumors appeared that the future after 2021 Ford Edge is questionable. Well, there are a few things that made fans worry. First, the company cut a lot of models recently. But, if you pay attention, most of them are sedans. The carmaker is giving up on these because of crossovers and SUVs. Dominating class made sales of Fiesta, Focus, Taurus, and Fusion go down and Ford is putting them on pause.

In some way, the 2021 Ford Edge will be the last edition of this nameplate in Europe. The new three-row Kuga is taking its place as the mid-size SUV for this part of the world. But, buyers in the US can stay calm, since the Edge is heading to the new generation. The mid-size class is becoming more and more popular, although the Explorer is taking the majority of purchases here.

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2021 Ford Edge Engines (Petrol, ST, Hybrid)

Under the bonnet of the base 2021 Ford Edge is going to lay a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder powerplant. It is delivering 250 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque. Front-wheel drive is standard and buyers can opt for an all-wheel mode. The company recently updated an eight-speed transmission. Owners of the 2021 Edge will feel it immediately. The combined fuel economy with the FWD is 25 mpg, while the gas mileage of the AWD system is 24 mpg average.

The new 2021 Ford Edge ST gets the power from a 2.7-liter twin-turbo V6 system. In this case, the SUV gains 85 ponies for a total of 335 hp. The ST model also crunches 380 lb-ft of twisting power, which goes to all four corners. Fuel economy drops to 21 mpg combined, but the performance-oriented SUV is ready to accelerate 0-60 mph in just 6 seconds. The top speed for the ST version is 130 mph.

There are no rumors about the 2021 Ford Edge Hybrid. However, we believe this model is possible in the future. We saw the arrival of the Explorer three-row hybrid and Ford is also offering premium Lincoln Aviator with even more powerful drivetrain. Escape is also being electrified. By being right between these two models, it is just a matter of time when will Edge get a hybrid engine as well.

2021 Ford Edge st

Changes For 2021 Season

Edge was redesigned for the 2019 season. The 2020 YM and its successor are not bringing any major updates. However, the minor refresh is expected. For example, new colors, different options across the trim levels, and hybrid engines are some of the things we will see.

Currently, the latest Edge comes in seven different paintjobs. Exterior changes are minor, but Ford offers plenty of possible upgrades, including 19-, 20-, and 21-inch wheels as the upgrade of 18-inchers.

The interior is packed with dual-zone automatic climate control, but the new model dropped auto-dimming mirrors. BLIS system and lane keep assist are standard.

2021 Ford Edge interior

Trim Levels and Prices

The base model of the new SUV is going to appear as 2021 Ford Edge SE and it costs $31,000. Sync3 infotainment and Co-Pilot360 safety are standard systems. If you want to upgrade your ride, there is AWD available for $2,000.

The upper trim level is SEL. For $3,500 more than the base price, you get the nine-speaker audio system and LED DRLs. Front seats are heated, and roof rails are also added.

The top of the line model with the four-cylinder engine is 2021 Ford Edge Titanium. Its MSRP is $38,000. You get B&O premium audio and leather-trimmed seats. Only one model costs more than the Titanium. That is Edge ST. we already mentioned the V6 engine, but the package also includes AWD and towing package. the price shows the difference – $44,000. Not too many optional equipment have left for this one. Still, you can spend around $10k for additional accessories.


By discontinuing the 2021 Ford Edge in Europe, the vehicle will have more room for development in the US. The company is focusing on the SUV market, and there are no doubts the new Edge is getting enough updates to stay competitive with Nissan Murano.

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