2020 Volvo XC70 colors

2020 Volvo XC70 Comes Back as a Mid-Size SUV

Volvo plans to bring back the XC70 nameplate. However, it is not going to be a station wagon, but the crossover SUV positioned between flagship model XC90 and its smaller sibling XC60. The previous edition was based on the V70 sedan, which was discontinued in 2016. Now, the 2020 Volvo XC70 will use the new platform that will make it more luxurious and that can improve its driving skills. Premium design and interior are not in doubt. Volvo never disappoints with that.

The major question is what will 2020 Volvo XC70 be? The star of the lineup, XC90, is a mid-size three-row SUV. The XC60 is a compact vehicle. So, the XC70 could be the mid-size model with two rows of seats. It will expand Volvo’s offer to the most popular classes in the automotive industry. Still, there are a lot of other things that will have to make this model different from their cousins. The new hybrid engine is possible, while the standard petrol offer includes T5 and T6 configurations.

2020 Volvo XC70 comeback

The Return

The question is – how bad Volvo needs a new crossover SUV? The company is present in a subcompact, compact, and mid-size segment. Full-size models are not achieving great sales numbers. So, the only logical choice is to make a sub-class vehicle between two most popular segments. Of course, numbers are showing the size of the vehicle, and XC70 is already familiar in the US market. So, the Swede company opts for this path instead of making the debut of the Volvo XC80. In the future, this SUV is possible as well.

What Will 2020 Volvo XC70 Look Like?

The design of the 2020 Volvo XC70 will be very similar to the XC60 Cross Country model. If we browse in other companies, we will also find some Subaru’ vehicles with a similar styling between wagon and crossover SUV. That is exactly what Volvo plans to do with XC70. It will bring back pieces of its classic look. Although very similar to its siblings, the vehicle will get a unique design. On the other hand, up front there won’t be surprised. Traditional grille with cross-bar logo pattern is the first thing you will notice. Designers will deliver new bumpers and headlights to refresh the front fascia.

The rear end of the vehicle will be more interesting. The XC70 is not going to be a classic SUV, but it will be larger and higher than the station wagon. Mixing up these two, the vehicle will gain extra interior space, but it will still keep accessibility of the crossovers. Expect some similarities with existing SUV models, but the upcoming vehicle is also bringing some cool new details.

2020 Volvo XC70 price

Premium Interior

Do you expect anything else from Volvo? Luxurious features will be all over the cabin. We already got used to it. But, we must underline the most notable feature of all – autonomous drive. The company announced that they are after the Level 4 of self-driving. Currently, only Tesla offers Level 3. Most carmakers will skip this step and go straight to Lvl4 from Lvl2. Of course, there is also another top of the line accessories and gadgets. The audio system will make a difference, especially with upper trim offering B&W sound. The interior will feature the vertical touchscreen display. However, it won’t be 9-inch like for the larger XC90.

The 2020 Volvo XC70 will come back in three trim levels. Like its bigger sibling, the entry model is Momentum, mid-range offer is R-Design, and the most expensive package of features comes with Inscription. Also, the price will depend on the engine. A moonroof is optional, while the XC70 is definitely getting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard equipment.

Under the Hood

Volvo is not complicating too much. Both XC60 and XC90 are using the same drivetrains. The lineup holds T5, T6, and T8 PHEV configurations. So, positioned between these two, the specs sheet of the 2020 Volvo XC70 will be the same. A T5 is a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine capable to deliver 250 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. Front-wheel drive is standard, AWD optional. An eight-speed automatic gearbox is mated to this and other engines. Also, Volvo installs start/stop system as well. A T6 setup uses the same drivetrain, but with a turbocharger/supercharger system. It boosts the outputs to 315 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque. Add an electric motor and you will get top of the class T8 plug-in hybrid SUV that delivers 400 hp.

2020 Volvo XC70 specs

2020 Volvo XC70 Release Date, Price

The new 2020 Volvo XC70 will arrive somewhere next year. We still don’t know exactly when and which markets will offer this new premium SUV. The price, you guess, will be cheaper than the cost you pay for XC90 (from $50,000 with T5 and $58,000 with T6). Of course, it won’t be under the level of XC60 ($40,000).

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