The First Update of the 2021 Ford Escape Brings PHEV Model

One of the 2021 compact crossover we expect the most in the upcoming season is Ford Escape. The Blue Oval company is now in the hybrid market with a more efficient unit than Rav4 and Honda CR-V. But, it won’t be enough for the US carmaker.

The drop in sales in 2019 is caused by their fans waiting for the new generation. Now, with the cool-looking Escape, Ford is again at the top of the charts. Well, the 2020 season is not representative, and we expect the new crossover to shine next year when the manufacturer brings the PHEV version.

Upgrade of the current hybrid configuration might lead to a 50+ mpg outcome, which is a groundbreaking number.

2021 Ford Escape Gets PHEV Model, MSRP starts at $35k