2023 Honda HR-V interior

All-New 2023 Honda HR-V is Ready to Dominate!


The 2023 Honda HR-V will be an all-new subcompact crossover. The Japanese company updated its entry-level model. The first impressions are positive, but we are waiting to see if the HR-V is bringing a hybrid configuration to the US market. For now, we know that the classic setup will power the crossover. The redesign is making the HR-V more attractive. The subcompact vehicle is not going to provide too much space inside. But, the fresh layout is making the ride more comfortable and convenient.

Honda will make four trim levels available at the launch of the new HR-V. The base price is around $24,000. The company didn’t make big announcements yet, but fans expect to see the vehicle at dealerships very soon. This is an indicator of further releases. Honda needs to update larger, more popular vehicles. Pilot and CR-V are flagship models, so after the 2023 Honda HR-V, we might also see another big news by the Japanese carmaker.

2023 Honda HR-V

What’s New for the 2023 Honda HR-V?

Well, mostly everything is fresh after the 2023 Honda HR-V redesign. The inspiration comes from the new Civic and we can spot a lot of similarities. In the future, the same styling language will be available for a facelift of the Pilot SUV. Funny thing is that the HR-V for the US market is not the same as the one sold in Europe. This crossover was updated earlier, and we expect the model for the United States to go the same way. More time passed, and the new HR-V is not going to offer a hybrid configuration, which is the first big difference. Then, there are many styling solutions that are unique for each version.

New Engines and Specs

Under the hood of the 2023 Honda HR-V lays a 2.0-liter naturally-aspirated four-cylinder engine. It delivers more power than we used to see from its rivals. The powerplant is capable of producing more, but for the subcompact crossover, engineers tuned it to 158 hp. An alternative is a 1.5-liter turbocharged mill. In this case, the power output jumps to 180 hp. A CVT transmission will be a power router for both engines and the default setting will be a front-wheel drive. Optionally, buyers can choose AWD.

2023 Honda HR-V redesign

Improved Drive Dynamics

The company is trying to fix the biggest downside of the small vehicle – ride quality. You cannot expect impressive performance. However, compared to the competition, the HR-V lacked athleticism. Now, with the switch from a 1.8-liter engine, the ride impression should be better. Plus, engineers are installing independent rear suspension, which is the most important upgrade, regarding ride quality. When the vehicle comes out, we’ll see how it performs in reality. According to announcements, a huge enhancement is on the way. The HR-V is about to deliver things you expect from Honda’s products.

2023 Honda HR-V – Complete Redesign

According to multiple sources, the styling of the redesigned 2023 Honda HR-V will be inspired by the new Civic hatchback. The best-selling car in the US market introduced some interesting changes to its body. Adopting those solutions, the HR-V is about to become more attractive. An eye-catching exterior design features a new grille, hood lines, and the rear end. Dimensions of the subcompact crossover are not going to be changed a lot. The HR-V remains in the subcompact class. Honda might add another vehicle between this and the compact segment. Some say Element is taking this slot.

The interior of the new Civic combines classic and modern elements. That is exactly what the cabin of the crossover needs. Well, it could offer more space, but don’t forget we are talking about the subcompact tier. Magic Seat is one of the best options Honda is offering. Flip the bench and create extra space for cargo. The HR-V was already a leader in the segment when it comes to the storage area capacity.

2023 Honda HR-V interior

2023 Honda HR-V Release Date and Price

For now, we only know that the 2023 Honda HR-V is going to be completely updated. The company added only a teaser image of the exterior. But, it was enough to see that the crossover is sharing a design language with the Civic hatchback. From there, we can assume that the interior is also going to use similar features and options. Nevertheless, fans will have to wait for the company to release more details. That could happen this summer, and sales will start immediately after the complete unveiling.

Standard trim levels are expected – LX, EX and Sport. The price will gain some value because of the changes. Still, the 2023 HR-V should still be available for under $24,000 in the base form. High-end models will reach $30,0000.

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