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2024 Hyundai Tucson: What’s New?

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The Korean company introduced a new generation of a compact crossover with plenty of changes. That includes a higher price, which made fans fuming. But, one of the reasons why Tucson was so successful is the bargain. Now, you need to spend as much as for other compact SUVs from the same class. Good thing is that the 2024 Hyundai Tucson is coming unchanged and we expect the price to stay put.

The 2024 Hyundai Tucson N Performance is still an open option. The company was testing the sport-tuned package a couple of years ago. Still, the production version is yet to be confirmed for the fourth generation. Nevertheless, there is the N-Line grade with a sportier appearance, but not beefed performance. Limited edition is the top model with the highest price and most advanced technology.

Under the hood of the crossover is a petrol engine. A 2.5-liter mill can produce enough power. Nevertheless, a hybrid version improves the chances of Tucson. Engineers boost the power outputs and fuel economy. But, the 2024 Hyundai Tucson hybrid can’t offer 40 mpg, like some other compact crossovers.

2024 Hyundai Tucson hybrid

Why Buy 2024 Hyundai Tucson?

The vehicle will be a complete carry-over, which makes it a little bit boring. Buyers will look for novelties by other carmakers. However, the 2024 Hyundai Tucson is still a very competitive crossover. The look is still fresh and unique headlights make the front fascia eye-catching. Even not so big fans will recognize Tucson from far away.

The ride is smooth and even the base petrol engine is pretty efficient. With a hybrid version, you can make significant savings thanks to the return of 38 mpg combined. The interior is packed with plenty of options, some even being premium on some rivals. Warranty and safety will draw you even more to the new 2024 Tucson. The base engine is not going to impress you with the performance, though. Also, Hyundai can fix some design solutions inside the cockpit and the Tucson lacks a few options, such as a wireless charger.

Engines and Hybrid Specs

So, the entry-level model is going to use a 2.5-liter displacement with 187 horsepower. This is not bad for the compact crossover. But, in the real-life drive, you will look for extra power. The vehicle is perfect for everyday commuting with 26/33 mpg. An eight-speed automatic transmission sends power to front wheels and AWD is one of the options the company is offering.

If you pick the 2024 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid, a 1.6-liter four-pot mill is the main power source. It is getting a boost from an electric motor to generate 226 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. the main advantage of the hybrid system is impressive gas mileage, which results in 38/38 mpg drive. This is not as good as the mileage of Rav4 or CR-V crossovers, but Hyundai is definitely getting closer to the 40-mpg realm.

2024 Hyundai Tucson price

2024 Hyundai Tucson Features and Best Options

Five trim levels are available for the conventional engine, and three more grades for the hybrid setup. The Tucson SE is the entry model. Highlights are 17-inch wheels and 8-inch touchscreen. The infotainment system comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto services and features a basic audio. Fatigue sensors are there right from the start, and the safety options also include adaptive cruise control, lane keep assistance, and forward collision mitigation.

So, we can say that SE is really unimpressive package. The SEL beats it easily with tinted windows, heated front seats, USB ports, and blind-spot warning. Plus, you can add Convenience and Premium packages. This way, you don’t have to pay extra for some higher trim levels and get some unnecessary accessories.

The 2024 Hyundai Tucson XRT is still a new version. The crossover is blacked-out, and comes with side steps, roof rails and tow hitch. The N Line is the version with the most aggressive appearance thanks to the unique parts. Special wheels and accents are not followed by a more powerful engine. The Limited version beats all those offers with the best options Hyundai can offer. Some of them are a panoramic sunroof, heated steering wheel, memory seat settings, large 10.25-inch display, blind-spot and 360-degree cameras…

For the 2024 Hyundai Tucson hybrid, the Blue Hybrid package is offering pretty much the same options like the SEL; SEL Convenience Hybrid is the base SEL with the Convenience package upgrade; and Limited Hybrid comes with the same equipment as the base Limited.

2024 Hyundai Tucson interior

2024 Hyundai Tucson Prices

With so many options, the price range for the 2024 Hyundai Tucson is not too wide. The SE costs $27,000 and the top of the range Limited version is still under $40,000, even with a hybrid engine. Upgrading from the petrol to hybrid unit costs around $3,000. All-wheel drive is a $1,500 upgrade. For the Convenience package you need to pay $2,250 and Premium bundle costs $2,900.

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