2024 audi q5 redesign

2024 Audi Q5 Redesign, Sportback (SQ5), Hybrid, Specs, and Release Date

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There are a lot of things to be said about the 2024 Audi Q5 redesign. Like every big change, this one comes with a lot of novelties. Spy photos indicate that designers have a lot of work. But, heavy camo is hiding most of the new details on the exterior. We believe the interior is also going to introduce a fresh layout.

There are plenty of additional options that are going to be available. The redesign will make even more packages available. For example, the Sportback model could be combined with the SQ5 version. Also, the hybrid drivetrain is one of the setups that can increase efficiency. But, don’t be surprised if an all-electric Q5 shows up in the next couple of years. However, that is not going to happen before 2025.

2024 audi q5 redesign

First Spy Photos

The luxury crossover SUV has already been spied on. It makes fans even more eager to see the new model at dealerships. It seems like the new 2024 Audi Q5 redesign will make the crossover SUV larger. Knowing the German company, it will also be more luxurious. And the Q5 is one of the best options in the premium class. Still, there is always room for improvement. In some parts of the world, the vehicle is a seven-seater. But, this version is not going to be available in the US.

Anyway, what do the spy shots are unveiling? Well, not too much. The Q5 will be longer than before. But, most details are hidden behind the camouflage. Soon, the vehicle will be unveiled and we will get the first details about big changes.

SQ5 Sportback Model

The Sportback Q5 is delivering similar performances to the crossover with the standard body style. But, its appearance is more appealing. The slopped roof is not making the body more aesthetic, so the base configuration takes 5.8 seconds for the 0-60 mph run. Anyway, you can always make it better. The 2024 Audi Q5 redesign delivers a new package for the coupe SUV – the SQ5 Sportback.

Instead of a 2.0-liter turbo-four plant, engineers are deploying a 3.0-liter bi-turbo six-cylinder unit. The power output jumps from 261 hp to 349 hp, and torque increases by nearly 100 lb-ft, to 369 pound-feet. Converted to the 0-60 mph acceleration, that is 0.5 sec saving. On the other hand, the SQ5 consumes more fuel.

2024 audi q5 spy photos

2024 Audi Q5 Redesign Packages Upgrades: RSQ5 and S Line

Spy photos are not showing too many details. Changes will be introduced during the premiere. Meanwhile, we can guess what options the 2024 Audi Q5 redesign can change. The RSQ5 is definitely one of the most anticipated versions for the US market. Yes, there is the performance-oriented SQ5, but the RS package can make everything so much better. A V6 engine will be ready to produce 450 hp. The entire driving experience will be taken to the next level, including handling and acceleration. But, be ready to pay extra. The SQ5 is already coming with a hefty price, and the RSQ5 is the next stage of the performance vehicles.

The 2024 Audi Q5 S Line is another optional package available for some trim levels. Of course, it suits the best with the top of the range Prestige model. Depending on the trim, the S Line package is going to offer more precious features and systems. Definitely, for all the packages, this is going to be a nice add-on.

Engines, Specs, Q5 E-Tron

The redesign will reshuffle options. However, not too many fans expect a huge power boost for the existing engines. So, the base configuration should still be centered around a 2.0-liter turbo-four engine. The Q5 is a compact crossover, but 201 hp is an output from the non-premium segment. But, that is the trick to make the price more affordable. Still, more buyers will opt for a system with 261 hp (45 TFSI). A seven-speed DCT sends power to all wheels. Still, the most powerful unit for the premium SUV is the V6 turbo, with 361 hp.

But, new systems emerge. The E-Tron technology will be involved in the 2024 Audi Q5 redesign. Hybrid units are making conventional engines with internal combustion more efficient. In case you didn’t know, the current version of the crossover features the PHEV configuration and you can drive it by using only electric power. The range of this type of drive is 21 miles. The redesign could extend it.

2024 audi q5 hybrid

2024 Audi Q5 Redesign Price and Release Date

The release date of the new crossover is scheduled for the end of 2023. Before that, the company will make a debut for its flagship vehicle. The base model is currently priced at around $44,000. However, that is a model with a lighter configuration. The new one will be significantly more expensive after the 2024 Audi Q5 redesign. For the TFSI 45 you need to pay $4,000and a V6 is a $10k upgrade. The Sportback is already above the $50,000 mark.

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