2023 VW Atlas interior

2023 VW Atlas Mid-Cycle Redesign

The 2023 VW Atlas is one of the most anticipated vehicles by the German carmaker for the upcoming season. The mid-cycle refresh is due, and the level of changes fans expect might make the SUV more than competitive. Of course, Volkswagen is not going to fulfill all the wishes. But, some of them are difference-makers.

For example, the 2023 VW Atlas R is definitely something worth mentioning. The R Package is reserved for high-end models. Mechanical, styling and interior upgrades are already available on the Touareg, a counterpart for the European market. What’s more – it uses the plug-in hybrid system. We’ll see what’s the plan for the US market.

Two other versions can be derived from the Atlas SUV. The Cross Sport model is already available. It is a smaller vehicle positioned between the original vehicle and Tiguan crossover. The future might bring another ride based on this SUV. The VW Atlas Tanoak concept is still drawing attention. The prototype did it a few years ago and although the pickup hasn’t hit the production yet, experts and fans are eager to see the Volkswagen truck in North America.

2023 VW Atlas redesign

Facelift and Interior Changes

It is time for the 2023 VW Atlas redesign. The SUV replaced Touareg in 2018 and ever since it is the same vehicle. Times are changing, and the company needs to revisit the mid-size model to stay competitive. Another clue is found overseas, where Volkswagen is testing a new SUV. Touareg and Atlas are closely related, and changes in each of them will lead to the same move on another model.

For now, there is no close info about the facelift. We can see spy photos of the new Touareg, but camouflage is hiding the most important details. The 2023 Volkswagen Atlas won’t be larger than before. Engineers and designers are focusing on every detail, that is guaranteed. We can’t wait to see the new interior of the three-row SUV. The R Package will add all the high-end options. Still, you can make a cool configuration by combining SEL, R-Line, and other optional elements the VW makes available for the Atlas.

2023 VW Atlas interior


Under the hood of the 2023 Volkswagen Atlas is a V6 engine with 275 horsepower. A 3.0-liter unit also delivers 270 lb-ft of torque. The famous DSG automatic transmission sends power to the rear wheels. All-wheel drive is optional and the SUV can tow up to 5,000 pounds.

Well, the base configuration includes a turbocharged-four engine, but it is too lame for a vehicle of this size. Well, the power outputs are respectable. But, if you choose such a big SUV as the 2023 VW Atlas, then a V6 is a way better option. A 2.0-liter turbo-four can create 235 hp, tows just 2,000 pounds, and you won’t even save too much fuel.

2023 VW Atlas R

The 2023 VW Atlas R should take the performance to another level. Nevertheless, unlike the Golf hatchback, the company approaches to the SUV from a different direction. The main upgrade is still under the hood. Instead of a conventional petrol drivetrain, Volkswagen Atlas R is going to use a plug-in hybrid configuration. Well, it is not confirmed yet, but experts don’t see any obstacle in carrying over the system from the Touareg. If this happens, the SUV is going to deliver 455 hp and 515 lb-ft. That is exactly what we expect from the Atlas R. Plus, there will be plenty of styling and interior upgrades. The R Package is unique and brings the most advanced technology and equipment.

2023 VW Atlas R

2023 VW Atlas Cross Sport

If you are looking for a two-row SUV, check out the 2023 VW Atlas Cross Sport. Well, the vehicle is pretty much the same as the original SUV. Those two will share the same platform and there is no difference in size. Engine options are turbo-four and a V6. Also, all trim levels and packages are available both for Atlas and the Cross Sport version. Small differences are not worthy of mention. So, all in all, the Cross Sport badge stands for a two-row version with more room for passengers. The third row is a bit tight on the standard Atlas and it also affects the middle row’s legroom as well.

Atlas Tanoak Pickup Truck Concept

Soon after the debut of the SUV, the German company presented the idea of a new vehicle built on the same platform. The Tanoak truck would share the architecture with Atlas. The pickup drew attention with its styling and performance. Nevertheless, it has never entered production. Volkswagen had other things to sort out before they test a new market. Now it seems like the perfect moment. The mid-size truck segment is becoming popular again and fans still remember the Atlas Tanoak as a promising concept. Meanwhile, Volkswagen developed another truck. We could see Tarok instead of the Tanoak.

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