2023 Mercedes GLC Coupe redesign

2023 Mercedes GLC Coupe: Redesign and Release Date

GLC is a versatile crossover with plenty of equipment. But, what makes the vehicle stand out is its parallel version – the 2023 Mercedes GLC Coupe. For the new season, we might see a big dose of changes, since the current model is the same as before. Another thing makes us wonder what is going on with the compact crossover. The latest version is not featuring the top of the class AMG GLC 63 Coupe, while the standard-body model offers a powerful configuration. A simple explanation would be – the new model is about to introduce an even more impressive AMG package.

Well, we are talking about high-end configurations, with astronomic price tags. The 2023 Mercedes GLC Coupe will follow the steps of the regular model. The special body line is just a spin-off. Meanwhile, the GLC was updated a couple of years ago. Still, that doesn’t mean too much, since the big redesign can happen soon. We’ll follow the update from the German carmaker. The new model will be out soon and then fans will find out more about plans for the GLC and GLC Coupe.

2023 Mercedes GLC Coupe spied

Aggressive Look, Modern Interior

Whatever happens to the 2023 Mercedes GLC Coupe, the special version is going to come with a sloped roof. That adds a more aerodynamic look and improves performances a bit, compared to the standard body. Of course, besides this, appearance is the key. On the other hand, a sloped roof means less space at the back. You won’t get as much cargo room as with the standard GLC, and taller passengers can complain about the headroom in the back seats.

The interior represents the modern approach to every segment. Comfort, convenience, safety… everything is there. The MBUX infotainment is one of the best systems you can find. And Mercedes is always upgrading it with the latest options. Even the base package brings a lot of premium options. Leather seats are standard. Still, things like heated or ventilated buckets are optional. Buyers will still get the zonal climate control. It becomes automated at higher trim levels.

2023 Mercedes GLC Coupe redesign

2023 Mercedes GLC Coupe Specifications

The Coupe version is going to use the same drivetrains as its sibling with the boxy chassis. A 2.0-liter turbocharged engine is powering the 2023 Mercedes GLC Coupe 300. It provides 255 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque, which is enough to sprint 0-60 mph in 6.2 seconds. That is slightly better than the standard GLC can do. A nine-speed auto transmission sends power to the rear wheels. Optionally, you can pick 4MATIC all-wheel drive.

The 2023 Mercedes GLC Coupe will keep a 3.0-liter plant for the AMG model. The GLC 43 is providing 385 hp and 385 lb-ft of torque. It boosts the performance and the crossover stops the clock at 4.7 seconds when accelerating 0-60 miles per hour.

Unfortunately, the company discontinued the top of the class version for the 2022 season. The AMG GLC 63 and GLC 63 S are no longer available. But, we still believe those two will be back for the 2023 YM. The regular model kept them. But, if the 2023 Mercedes GLC Coupe becomes the next-gen crossover, then even more powerful version can be expected. The last one, AMG GLC 63 was producing 470 hp, or 503 horsepower with the S package.

Redesign Details

The first spy photos of the redesigned crossover are available. Well, we didn’t find the Coupe version, but it will share the front fascia and interior with the standard model. From what we saw, it seems that the 2023 Mercedes GLC Coupe is going to be slightly longer than before. We’ll see how it affects the handling and maneuvering. Inside, the crossover is inspired by the latest C-Class. That looks promising and fans are looking forward to seeing the GLC with all the advanced features the sedan has to offer. Of course, the AMG tuning comes with state-of-art technology. For the compact crossover, those upgrades would be mechanical in the first place, and then special wheels, bumpers, spoilers, grille. The AMG 63 model is something really special. If Mercedes took a year off to prepare the next package, then expect spectacular things.

2023 Mercedes GLC Coupe rendering

2023 Mercedes GLC Coupe Release Date, Prices

Spy shots are out, which means the vehicle is in the final phases of development. Still, there is time for final touches, and even for some slightly bigger changes. However, the 2023 Mercedes GLC Coupe should be out soon. One of the reasons why experts believe that German carmaker is not going to wait is a lack of changes on the 2022 YM. The redesign will affect the price as well. The MSRP goes up, that is for sure. The base version will cost closer to $55,000. AMG depends on all the features the company is adding. But, don’t be surprised if the GLC 43 comes with a $70k price tag. The AMG GLC 63 adds at least $10,000, if it returns, while the S package with 500+ horsepower is the most expensive configuration. If you are looking for alternatives, BMW X4, Porsche Macan and Infiniti QX55 could be interesting models.

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