2023 Lincoln Nautilus

2023 Lincoln Nautilus Discontinuation is a Lie!

Various magazines are claiming that 2023 Lincoln Nautilus is not coming back. Most of those speculations are based on the recent announcement by Ford that the Edge SUV is not going to be available after this season. Still, the Blue Oval company is not killing its luxury sibling. The redesign and the new generation will refresh the vehicle and draw more attention.

Lincoln changed names in the SUV lineup. The company dropped an old MK- a nomenclature to deliver more distinctive nameplates. Nautilus is a replacement for the MKX. While Corsair is an all-new model, and Aviator succeeded the MKT, but immediately launched the new generation, the Nautilus didn’t change too many things compared to the MKX. Now, it is time to drop the past and modernize everything. Instead of discontinuation, expect a huge redesign.

2023 Lincoln Nautilus

What We Expect?

So, there are two opinions. On one side, you have people who think the Nautilus is no longer an option for the US company. It is a mid-size two-row luxury SUV. This class is not too popular and Lincoln sees the Nautilus as a rival to Aviator. Plus, the styling is old and the redesign can’t change too many things about it.

On the other hand, the current vehicle is 190 inches long and below the Nautilus is a subcompact Corsair. It is strange to see the spot in the most popular tier, compact crossover, empty. While most vehicles are becoming bigger, the 2023 Lincoln Nautilus might be smaller, becoming a two-row small SUV. This is a bold prediction, but the redesign is very likely, while the new generation is also an option. Still, there are no official details about the upcoming Nautilus, while the company already wrote off the Ford Edge. Fans still believe that discontinuation is not an option.

2023 Lincoln Nautilus Redesign Details

One thing is sure – the new 2023 Lincoln Nautilus is going to be all-new. The redesign will make a bond between an old styling, mostly inherited from the MKX model. Fresh lines will make the crossover SUV more attractive. As said, we expect designers to trim the body a bit and send the Nautilus to the compact segment. Lincoln needs to fill this gap, and the current two-row SUV is not quite interesting with the arrival of the updated Aviator. The three-row SUV offers more space inside the cockpit, and the PHEV model creates nearly 500 horsepower. A smaller Nautilus would have a better gas mileage and Ford Motor Company is going to prepare a hybrid configuration for a small SUV. All those changes lead to the new generation of vehicle.

2023 Lincoln Nautilus black label

Engines, Specs, Hybrid

Under the bonnet of the base Nautilus is a 2.0-liter turbo-four engine with 250 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque. This is something you would expect from a compact crossover of the luxury segment. That is why many experts believe that the upcoming 2023 Lincoln Nautilus could be smaller, and keep this powertrain. The gas mileage will go up with the weight drop. The new model will be able to return 30 mpg on the highway, that’s for sure. An eight-speed auto transmission sends power to the front wheels by default. Optionally, buyers can upgrade the ride with an AWD.

A 2.7-liter turbocharged V6 increases outputs to 335 hp. However, this one is not so certain for the compact crossover. It might be available as some kind of performance edition. It won’t be paired to front-wheel drive, but an 8-pace gearbox is going to send power to all four corners. The gas mileage is increased in the city ride, compared to the turbo-four unit. Both engines are rated 3,500 lbs for towing.

Besides the new look, one of the most important changes of the upcoming 2023 Lincoln Nautilus is a hybrid engine. The redesign will draw attention, as well as improved performance and fuel economy. Ford Escape is the most efficient compact crossover in the market, with 44 mpg. For the Nautilus, engineers will focus on outputs, as they did with Aviator. So, the new crossover could hit between 350 and 400 hp with the hybrid setup, which will probably feature the plug-in system.

2023 Lincoln Nautilus redesign

Verdict: When Will 2023 Lincoln Nautilus be Available?

Such rumors are always making fans upset. However, we don’t think the company is dropping Nautilus after only four years in the market. But again, it is not impossible. We will know more in a couple of months when Lincoln starts launching vehicles for the next season. After the redesign, the price of the 2023 Lincoln Nautilus will be modified. But, if the vehicle becomes smaller, we could see it even cheaper than it is now. Other compact luxury crossovers start around $40,000. Smaller Corsair costs $35,000 in the base trim.

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