2023 KIA Niro EV changes

2023 KIA Niro EV: Range, Specs, Price, and Release Date

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The electric version is just one of the wide range of choices you can make while buying the new Kia Niro. The vehicle is going to be redesigned and comes next year. We know a lot of details about the standard and hybrid configurations. The 2023 KIA Niro EV is also confirmed, but the specs and range are yet to be released. We expect a boost compared to the current edition. Well, the Korean company is one of the leaders in the segment, and they are trying to expand the range of electric vehicles.

The 2023 KIA Niro EV is not going to be the flagship vehicle, although it is presenting many innovations. The focus is still on powertrains with internal combustion and buyers are still after large SUVs, such as Telluride. Electric drivetrains are still unexplored territory. Plus, the price is higher, maintenance costs more, and the recharging network is not wide. Having all those things in mind, companies starting a business in the electric automotive industry can’t expect huge profits at this moment. In the future, EVs are going to replace diesel engines first, and after 2030, petrol units as well.

2023 KIA Niro EV changes

New Styling is AWESOME!

The company is finally redesigning the compact crossover. The boxy look was eye-catching, but it is so boring. The new 2023 KIA Niro EV is more aggressive and the company expects to attract younger buyers. Also, the new vehicle is gaining a boost from the aesthetic look. The electric version is official now, but details are still unknown. It is going to bring some differences compared to the hybrid and PHEV models. However, the overall size and styling language are going to be the same. Details are making the Niro EV more appealing. The front grille and headlights will be futuristic and the interior brings totally different features and systems. The transmission tunnel is gone and KIA Niro EV can offer additional cargo space under the hood. The engine is taking the position under the seats, which leaves more room for interior options.

2023 KIA Niro EV interior

2023 KIA Niro EV Specs Update and Range Boost

The previous edition of the electric crossover was able to cruise 239 miles between recharges. It is still a good output, having in mind that Niro is one of the oldest EVs in the segment. Now, the Korean company will face tougher competition. Nissan Ariya and Chevy Bolt are coming out. Plus, there are models such as Lexus NX electric and BMW iX3, offering a premium feel alongside an electric drivetrain.

The new 2023 KIA Niro EV is going to boost the range and cut down the recharge time. Well, the electric model is confirmed during the premiere of the standard configuration, but the chiefs didn’t unveil details. We expect the crossover to deliver 250-300 miles. The base setup includes a hybrid system good for 139 hp, with improved gas mileage. A plug-in hybrid is also coming. It adds more power and 30 miles of driving using electric mode.

2023 KIA Niro EV release date

2023 KIA Niro EV Release Date

We are going back to the comparison with the previous model again. Its hybrid version was available at dealerships all across the US. But, the PHEV models were sold in only 12 states. The upcoming lineup will have a wider network since the company confirmed the sales of the 2023 KIA Niro EV in every state. The master plan is to build even more electric models. We know about Niro and Soul, but a total of 11 vehicles should be fully electrified pretty soon. The redesigned crossover is already out. Plug-in hybrid and electric models are coming.

However, the precise release date of the 2023 KIA Niro EV is still unknown, as well as the price. The base version is going to cost from $26,000 and the PHEV variant will probably add about $6,000 more. After the redesign and range boost, you can also expect a higher price for the all-electric model. Currently, it is still under $40,000, but the new one will go above this mark.

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