2023 Cadillac XT5 colors

Next-Gen 2023 Cadillac XT5 First Details

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The all-new 2023 Cadillac XT5 is already drawing attention, although there are no too many details available about this future crossover. One thing is sure – the next-gen vehicle is on the way. Now, having in mind what were the reactions when the XT5 appeared for the first time, there is no wonder why the hype is huge. The XT- lineup is now offering more models, and some even said that some high number could replace an iconic Escalade. Well, we won’t go so far, but the XT5 is a highly-anticipated crossover for sure.

Since the second series of the vehicle is on the way, fans have a right to expect a lot of changes. Interior, exterior and engine lineup will be under revisit. Cadillac, and generally GM, are currently focused on electrification. Lyriq is the new nameplate in the luxury branch, while there are some vehicles, such as Hummer truck, or Chevy Bolt EV also on the way. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean the company is going to ignore the rest of the lineup. The 2023 Cadillac XT5 has a high potential. The previous generation drew a lot of attention and the vehicle belongs to the most popular segment in the automotive industry.

2023 Cadillac XT5 colors

What Will 2023 Cadillac XT5 Look Like?

That is still a mystery. The exterior and interior are going to introduce a fresh look. However, there are only a few details available. For example, the company is going to use the Global B platform. However, it tells us that the electric model is happening in the future, but we don’t know how it affects the design. The 2023 Cadillac XT5 might be a bit longer than before to create more space inside the cockpit. The new architecture can be in relationship with the Super Cruise system, so we can expect this feature on the new crossover.

Of course, the interior is getting new seats and materials, with more premium finishes and accents. According to some sources, the big OLED screen from the Escalade might be carried over. The 2023 Cadillac XT5 is getting a lighter version with a smaller diagonal and not so many options as the flagship SUV.

2023 Cadillac XT5 redesign
The 2023 Cadillac XT5 might use the same design language as the all-electric Lyriq

Under the Hood

As far as we know, there is no need for changes in the engine room. There are two drivetrains available for the SUV. The base version is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged plant, capable to crack 240 horsepower. If the 2023 Cadillac XT5 becomes bigger than its predecessor, a four-cylinder engine might not be there anymore, or we’ll see it with more power. That is why the alternative is a better choice. A 3.6-liter V6 is an old and reliable GM engine. It delivers 310 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque.

Since the XT5 is not too big, those outputs are even more impressive. In both cases, the power router is a nine-speed automatic case. Front- and all-wheel drives are options for buyers. The gas mileage is slightly better with a turbo-four, but not as much as you would presume. Bigger, but lighter XT5 in 2023 should keep numbers around 25 mpg combined for the four-cylinder FWD, and 22 mpg (V6 AWD).

2023 Cadillac XT5 Hybrid

The main question about most GM vehicles is – when will they get a hybrid unit? Compact crossovers and mid-size SUVs of similar size compared to the XT5 are already available with such technology, and it makes difference. Toyota and Ford are leaders, but others are catching up. All but General Motors. Electrification is getting into final stages, but hybrids are still more popular than EVs. So, the 2023 Cadillac XT5 hybrid should be a top priority, rather than the Lyriq EV.

From what we see in other SUVs and crossovers, both available configurations for the XT5 can be used for hybridization. The combination of such a system, that improves gas mileage, power outputs, or both, and premium options the luxury vehicle is offering should be more than interesting. So, it is really strange and annoying why the GM is not entering this league yet.

2023 Cadillac XT5 interior
Huge OLED display is not going to be exclusive to the Escalade any more

When Will 2023 Cadillac XT5 Be Available?

Sales are not going to start so soon. The crossover SUV will have a first appearance in the second quarter of 2022. However, dealerships won’t offer it straight away. The preview will serve to GM to hear impressions and make final fixes on the luxury crossover SUV. So, expect the 2023 Cadillac XT5 to be available later this year.


The redesign and the new generation will cause the price to go up. The base model will be close to $50,000 without optional upgrades. Luxury, Premium Luxury and Sport should be a lineup for the second-gen XT5. However, every package will be loaded with better features and options. You can add $15,000 in different features. Estimated price of the potential hybrid system is still unknown since it depends on outputs.

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