2023 BMW Urban X

2023 BMW Urban X Preview: Release Date and Price

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The Urban X is an official project. But, with a lack of information, there is a lot of room for speculation. One thing is sure – the 2023 BMW Urban X is going to be a small crossover. But, beyond that, we can find only rumors. It seems that all experts think the vehicle is going to sit under X2, making it a rival to Audi Q2. We’ll discuss this later. The major question is – does BMW needs such a model?

Currently, the X2 is the smallest crossover in the market. In Europe, you’ll find the X1 as well, so that nameplate is taken. Still, with a long way to go, we will probably learn more about the 2023 BMW Urban X and its final name. The German company joined forces with MINI, whose startup concept this is. With the knowledge of iNext and iVentures, the future of the vehicle seems to be promising.

2023 BMW Urban X

2023 BMW Urban X vs Audi Q2 vs BMW X2

Most reports are enhancing a new rivalry – 2023 BMW Urban X vs Audi Q2. It has sense. The upcoming crossover will be the smallest in the family. But, the BMW X2 is slightly larger than the Q2 and experts are wondering if the Urban X is really needed. Another solution would be a hatchback, but those spots are also taken with the 1 Series models. So, the project is very confusing, since fans and experts can’t see what does the Urban X model is going to bring.

2023 BMW Urban X release date

When Will the 2023 BMW Urban X be Available?

The Urban X is still just the startup concept. BMW has shown interest and made this idea official on the company’s site. But, we cannot draw too many details from the announcement. Long story short – the first thoughts about the vehicle came in 2016. MINI was the first carmaker to support the idea. Now, with the BMW in the game, we can expect faster development and the production in foreseeable future. It is late to see it as the 2022 YM, and that is why we are speaking of 2023 Urban X. However, BMW has the last call and more details will become available during next year.

2023 BMW Urban X interior

Engines and Specs

A mini-SUV is not going to be too powerful. Experts are already considering alternative sources of power. The 2023 BMW Urban X might feature only EV or PHEV configurations, which are great for the city drive. The nameplate suggests the vehicle is not going to be the best solution for longer trips and highway runs. Since Urban X is facing Audi Q2, we can make comparisons. A 2.0-liter turbo engine is pretty powerful.

The Bavarian manufacturer will try to downsize the drivetrain and maximize the gas mileage. That is why hybrid and plug-in systems are the best solutions. The advantage of the PHEV is that crossover could run 250-30 miles by using only electric power. On the other hand, this is going to increase the price of the mini SUV. The Urban X might be a fully electric model and BMW could make its promise – deliver Level 4 of autonomous drive.

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