2022 BMW X4 M

2022 BMW X4 Full Review: Spy Photos and Release Date

It is time for the first update. The X4 is in the market for 3 years and the Bavarian company is going to revisit the coupe crossover. Lack of space in the second row and cargo area is the major, and maybe only downside of this spectacular vehicle. Well, we can say that for the hefty price. But, you’re not buying German luxury at cheap prices. The list of reasons why you should go after the 2022 BMW X4 is way longer. You are getting top-notch features, premium interior, and the engines are being already enhanced. If you are willing to pay more, check out for the Alpina XD4, the fastest diesel SUV in the lineup. Since it is an oil-burner, we are not seeing it in the US. Hopefully, the redesign might bring a gasoline-based performance version of the X4.

BMW keeps pace with Mercedes and Porsche. However, there is another rival in this segment, Infiniti QX55. The Japanese carmaker is going to test the market, and that called for the update of the 2022 BMW X4. The Bavarian carmaker won’t let it go so easily to any other manufacturer. It didn’t take long before the prototypes of the 2022 BMW X4 showed up in Germany. There are no many clues, but the camouflage is definitely hiding a lot of changes. the interior might be compared to the new X5, where we expect to see a debut of the iDrive 7.0 infotainment system. BMW promised Level 4 of autonomous drive, but it is still too early to talk about it for the upcoming X4.

2022 BMW X4

2022 BMW X4 Engines

A six-cylinder engine has been enhanced for this season. This time, the company will pay more attention to styling and a new look. Meanwhile, a 2.0-liter powerplant remains the base choice. It is producing 248 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. The same mill is under the hood of X3. But, the 2022 BMW X4 is more aerodynamic thanks to its coupe design. A four-cylinder engine returns 25 mpg combined. By default, a front-wheel drive is used and the xDrive is optional.

Turbocharged inline-six is good for 382 horsepower. This amount of power comes from some full-size SUVs. But, it is not strange for the Bavarian carmaker. The M40i is an all-wheel drive model with an eight-speed automatic gearbox as the connection between the engine and axles. The 2022 BMW X4 M is the performance version with 500 ponies under the hood. this is good for 0-60 mph time in just 4 seconds.

2022 BMW X4 specs

Hybrid and Alpina XD4

The iNext concept is going to underpin future electric crossovers and SUVs. The iX3 is already announced, while the iX5 is also rumored to be in production soon. It seems the 2022 BMW X4 won’t get a fully electric version. On the other hand, a mild-hybrid system is possible. The German carmaker is working on different configurations, but there is no confirmation of plans for the coupe crossover.

The 2022 BMW Alpina XD4 is a special model developed in cooperation with a third party, which is not a frequent occasion when speaking about the Bavarian carmaker. A 3.0-liter turbodiesel is under the hood and it creates 388 horsepower and 770 Nm of torque (570 lb-ft). The output makes the crossover sprint to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds, which is more than acceptable for a diesel setup. Unfortunately, the Alpina package is not available in the US. It is more than the engine, but the powerplant is the centerpiece of the XD4.

2022 BMW X4 interior

2022 BMW X4 Features

The base version of the 2022 BMW X4 is xDrive30i. A set of 19-inch wheels are not too big on the compact crossover. Also, inside the cockpit, the center of the dashboard holds a 10-inch screen. Power tailgate will make loading cargo easier, although the space is limited. Safety is enhanced with active features. The M40i is adding sport brakes and special suspension. Adaptive LED lamps are standard. BMW is adding a keyless entry and wireless charging. The top of the class model is the 2022 BMW X4M. Designers will include top of the class features, such as 20-inch wheels, heated seats, Harman Kardon sound, and unique M upgrades for differential, suspension, instrument panel.


The base price of the 2022 BMW X4 is higher than for the X3. The coupe crossover starts at $52,000, which is more than for many mid-size luxury SUVs. When you add a six-cylinder engine, an additional payment of $10k is required. The M Performance version is above $75,000, while the Competition package with 500+ horsepower is a $7,000 upgrade.

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