2021 Lincoln Navigator Updates and Specs

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Lincoln is updating its crossover and SUV lineups. No matter how many new models fans are going see, the flagship model is its largest product. The 2021 Lincoln Navigator will bring updates for the first time since 2018 when the new generation started. Possible new themes for the Black Label trim, diesel engine, or even hybrid unit, are in the mix. One thing is sure – you are not going to be disappointed.

Recently, we saw the company renaming and redesigning their SUVs. There is not more MK- nomenclature. The new lineup is Corsair, Nautilus, and Aviator. The only model that doesn’t change its name is 2021 Lincoln Navigator. It is the largest unit in the squad with an overall length of 210 inches. Buyers can find an extended version with an extra 12 inches added.

The only sure thing about the upcoming redesign is the engine room base configuration. The 2021 Navigator will keep the standard setup with a high-output V6 engine. Updates are possible as well. A Powerstroke diesel can fit this large SUV. Ford is also developing hybrid drivetrains that can be added to its large vehicles, including Expedition, premium Navigator, or F-150 truck.

2021 Lincoln Navigator L

V6 Specs

Before we move to the redesign details, let’s take a look at the specs sheet for the 2021 Lincoln Navigator. The company stays in the market with a reliable 3.5-liter V6 engine. As you can notice, most of the rivals are using V8 drivetrains. However, the twin-turbo V6 beats them with 450 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque. This engine is also used in the F-150 Raptor off-road performance-oriented truck. So, there is no surprise to see it under the bonnet of the full-size luxury SUV.

The power is being sent to the rear or all wheels. A new 10-speed transmission is a power router. Compared to its non-premium sibling, Ford Expedition, Navigator is capable of hauling fewer pounds. Towing capacity is 8,700 lbs. A V6 also provides a superb fuel economy for a vehicle of this size. A 5,700 pounds of weight can return 19 mpg combined.

2021 Lincoln Navigator Diesel

It seems like a done deal. But, there is no official announcement for the 2021 Lincoln Navigator Diesel. A Powerstroke engine is supplying the F-150 pickup with power. Now, the entire automotive world expects from the Blue Oval company to install the same powerplant to its other big rigs. A 3.0-liter turbodiesel unit is good for 250 hp and 440 lb-ft of torque. It rivals Duramax and EcoDiesel configurations available for F-150’s fiercest rivals – Chevy Silverado 1500 and Ram 1500.

2021 Lincoln Navigator diesel


There is always the spit between these two. Better performance over the clear air. Higher torque or the better gas mileage? Which one do you choose?

The hybrid engine is still a dream for big SUVs. For smaller vehicles, the electric motor is boosting both power and fuel economy. But, for V8 units, or in this case, twin-turbo V6, it is questionable how it can work. A kind of a mild-hybrid setup could mean a lot. On the other hand, development is costly, and it will increase the price of the SUV, which is not going to be returned through a fuel economy over the years.

2021 Lincoln Navigator Facelift

It is early to talk about changes for the 2021 Lincoln Navigator, but the company will modestly update its biggest SUV. However, changes are not so frequent and big in this class, so don’t expect too much after three years. Our hopes are on the new Black Label themes. However, the new packages are still attractive. This is the most exclusive model in the lineup, but you will find unique features and options.

Standard is the base model, and the other available trim is Reserve. What’s more, the 2021 Navigator L is the extended version with a 131.5-inch wheelbase and a total length of 222 inches. Of course, a larger vehicle is slightly harder to maneuver. But, buyers are getting some extra room inside the cabin. Standard SUV can take up to 103 cubic feet, while the L version increases the cargo space to 120 cu.ft. Behind the third row, there are 34 cubic feet, and with the rear seats folded, you can get between 73-80 cubic feet.

2021 Lincoln Navigator interior

2021 Lincoln Navigator Release Date and Price

The new Navigator is not coming so soon. The model for 2020 has just been launched, and it will take some time to be accepted by the audience. Still, without too many changes, the 2021 YM is not visiting a big show for its debut.

The price will stay put. The base MSRP is $76,000 without a destination. For the Reserve trim level, you will have to add around $5,000. Black Label’s price depends on upgrades since this version is suffering the most changes. The current lineup of the special themes (Yacht Club, Chalet, and Destination) could be replaced with monochromatic packages (Pristine White, Ceramic Pearl, and Infinite Black). (Source: CarproUSA)

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