2021 BMW X3 (Which Model is the Best)

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The upcoming season is going to make the compact BMW crossover even more versatile. The company is bringing the all-electric iX3 version, which completes the lineup. So, we have the base package with a turbo-four unit, the M40i model with a V6, and of course, the X3M that squeezes maximum power from the same engine. In Europe, the 2021 BMW X3 will be available with a diesel powerplant. The final piece of the puzzle is the iX3 all-electric crossover.

This compact crossover is the best-selling vehicle in its class. However, the competition is growing. Infiniti is preparing the QX50, Lexus is going strong with the NX, and there are US carmakers – Cadillac and Lincoln. Of course, the biggest competition is coming from German archrivals. But, the versatility of the 2021 BMW X3 will make a difference.

2021 bmw x3 interior

2021 BMW X3 Specs and Features (xDrive30i and M40i0)

The base package for the upcoming 2021 BMW X3 remains the sDrive30i. It includes a turbo-four engine and the front-wheel drive. Of course, you will want to feel a complete impression by adding some more money and purchasing the famous xDrive. The AWD system brings more traction and balance. A 2.0 engine can produce 248 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. It also returns 25/29 mpg, which is more than respectable for the class. Well, the gas mileage is definitely one of the reasons why to buy the X3 crossover.

The upper trim level is the M40i. This package tuning starts from the engine room, where more potent V6 is placed. A 3.0-liter unit adds more than 100 ponies and 110 lb-ft of twist. Of course, this is a more serious investment. Compared to the entry-level version, this one is available only with the xDrive. A larger displacement is consuming more fuel. However, 21/27 is not a big deal for such power enhancement.

The xDrive30i model is equipped with emergency braking and 12-speaker audio. Apple CarPlay is standard. Like all other BMW vehicles, X3 is not offering Android Auto. A center of infotainment is a 10-inch screen. The 2021 BMW X3 M40i model adds a few interesting features, such as panorama sunroof. A V6 is not the only upgrade in the performance section. Engineers also install launch control and adaptive suspension.

2021 bmw x3 m

2021 BMW X3 M Performance Model + Competition Package

The top of the class version of the compact luxury SUV is the M model. It is not the same as the abovementioned M40i. This package includes a special tuning that maximizes power and offers the best features BMW can install. The highlight is definitely a high-output tweak of the 3.0-liter V6 engine. For the 2021 BMW X3 M, it can burst 473 horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque. As you can guess, the price is not paid only by way higher MSRP, but also increased fuel consumption. Tuned crossover returns only 16 mpg combined. If you add the Competition package, you will squeeze even more energy – total of 505 ponies.

Besides the engine, the X3 M also delivers a whole new impression. Starting from the outside, you will find more aggressive front fascia and unique wheels. Badges of this package are at the front and rear grille. Inside, everything is sportier – steering wheel, seats, shifter. Of course, badges are in the cockpit as well.

iX3 Electric Crossover – Range, Recharge Time, Release Date

We came to the most important upgrade for the next season. Someone could think the 2021 BMW iX3 is a separate model, but it is based on the crossover that uses a conventional engine. With the new platform, the electric SUV will have the electric battery under rear seats. We will see how it affects the overall space inside.

Specs are more important than the styling. The small electric SUV is going to be able to run 250 miles in a single charge. BMW is not unveiling details, but experts assume a 70 kWh battery will be good enough to make this range. On the other hand, some sources claim the outputs will reach 500 ponies.

The German carmaker is currently working on the recharging technology and autonomous drive. The iX3 will refill its battery up to 80 percent in just 30 minutes. A full recharge takes about two hours. The new development will improve the time.

Like Volvo, BMW announced works on Level 4 of autonomous drive. There are no details about the progress, but the bite is too big. No other company is offering Level 3, and Level 4 is almost self-driving technology. The driver still needs to be on alert. We doubt the autonomous drive of this tier will be ready for the next season. But in the future, it is possible.

2021 bmw ix3


The luxury crossover SUV is versatile, powerful, and expensive ride. The base models starts at $43,000, or $45,000 if you want the xDrive. A V6 engine and other upgrades make the price jump by $12,000, or up to $71,000 if you want the M package. The electric 2021 BMW iX3 will cost as much as the high-performance unit.

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