2020 Honda Crosstour

New SUV by Honda – 2020 Crosstour is Going to Challenge Subaru Forester

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The comeback of the Honda Passport caused rumors about other comebacks. We already wrote about the Element. Now, speculations are louder and we must also consider the 2020 Honda Crosstour as the possible upgrade for the upcoming season. The nameplate was present between 2010 and 2015. Based on the Accord sedan, the Crosstour was more of a station wagon, than the crossover SUV. Well, with this move, Honda will probably challenge Subaru. This company is not producing classic models, but it combines elements from both classes.

The new 2020 Honda Crosstour will be slotted somewhere between the new Passport and the compact CR-V. The SUV range is expanding, and now we can find more and more models that are between two classes. Crosstour will be one of these and it is taking the position between two most popular segments – compact and mid-size. It will be a two-row SUV with excellent handling. We doubt that Accord-based SUV is going to offer superb off-road capabilities. The new model will be rather after the hybrid drivetrain.

2020 Honda Crosstour redesign


The new 2020 Honda Crosstour will be based again on the Accord, with elements from other SUVs and crossovers. The vehicle will take the best from both classes. It will be slightly lower than the Passport. On the other hand, the new vehicle is getting fresh details. Combining parts from two different segments is not so easy since designers need to pay attention to aerodynamics, safety, balance, and performance. All in all, the styling of the new 2020 Crosstour will be modernized, compared to the one we saw the last time the vehicle was on the road.

Drivetrains and Specs

We can predict what will the 2020 Honda Crosstour carry under the hood. However, the company still has the last word. The last edition used a 2.4-liter four-cylinder unit. Now, this drivetrain is still available for the compact CR-V. It can produce 185 hp and 180 pound-feet of torque, mated to a sporty CVT gearbox. Well, the fuel economy will definitely suffer, since the Crosstour is going to be a larger and heavier model than CR-V.

Also, the SUV’s predecessor used a 3.5-liter V6 engine. This is still a star of Honda’s lineup. The most important large vehicles are getting power from this mill. It is producing 280 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque for Crosstour’s larger sibling, Pilot, and Passport. A nine-speed transmission is an upgrade compared to the CVT. Also, a six-speed auto gearbox is a possible combination for this drivetrain. Of course, fuel economy and towing capacity numbers will depend on the kind of a drivetrain the SUV is going to use. But, being slotted between classes offers more experiments, since the competition is not so big.

2020 Honda Crosstour interior

2020 Honda Crosstour Hybrid

Fans of Honda’s vehicles are waiting for the first hybrid in the US for a long time. They could hear rumors about Pilot Hybrid, and the latest speculation is that CR-V is coming first with such drivetrain. Well, this model for non-US markets is already available. Now, with the arrival of the 2020 Honda Crosstour, the hybrid drivetrain could be shifted to the new SUV. European department of the Japanese company released specs of the CR-V’s engine that creates 185 hp total (gasoline engine + electric motor) and 315 Nm (235 lb-ft) of torque. Well, this is not too bad if the same configuration arrives across the ocean. Buyers in the United States will be happy to see some changes, no matter if Crosstour or CR-V are getting the hybrid setup.

Of course, the fuel economy is going to offer the biggest improvements. According to early reports, the strong electric motor will push the gas mileage close to 40 mpg. This is the range where are the best compact hybrid crossovers. A larger Crosstour will definitely set up some challenges with its size and power. Additionally, the hybrid system is able to make the SUV move by using only electric power. Well, you won’t get too far with it, since the range is only 2 miles. Still, this is good for a start, and the system could be soon developed into the PHEV.

Read all about the CR-V Hybrid crossover HERE.

2020 Honda Crosstour hybrid

When Will 2020 Honda Crosstour be Available?

The release date of the returning crossover SUV is not certain yet. The model could appear only as a concept in the next few months. The company is not releasing any details about it. Whatsoever, Honda was quiet about the Passport SUV, and then they just launched it. Now, fans are more aware of these comebacks and rumors. Still, all segments are covered by the Japanese carmaker and they will have to analyze the market before they launch the 2020 Honda Crosstour.

How Much the 2020 Honda Crosstour Will Cost?

The MSRP of the new SUV will settle around $28,000. That is right between the prices of the compact CR-V and the mid-size Passport. Crosstour is not going to face a tough competition since the biggest rival with its styling and purpose could be the Subaru Outback.

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