2020 Ford Edge Hybrid and Sport Model Are Coming?

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The new 2020 Ford Edge is coming unchanged. The carmaker is focusing on new arrivals for the next season – Escape and Explorer in the crossover SUV segment. Of course, the comeback of Ford Bronco is drawing the most interest. So, the mid-size SUV will have to wait for a bit longer to redesign its exterior and interior. The second generation is ready for the mid-cycle refresh.

The 2020 Ford Edge redesign is going to refresh exterior colors and front fascia. Besides that, we could see updates under the hood. Ford is investing a lot of money into hybrid drivetrains and one of these will become part of Edge’s lineup next season. This is the major novelty for the upcoming SUV. The gas mileage is getting a boost and the current version returns 25 mpg.

The company also offers a new performance version. We can find the Edge ST as the most expensive model with a twin-turbo engine. This one is capable to produce 335 hp and engineers will aim 350 ponies for the next crossover SUV. Standard offer includes a mill that crunches 250 hp and returns 25 mpg combined.

2020 Ford Edge redesign

Redesign Delayed

The 2020 Ford Edge is taking a place in the mid-size segment. Now, the crossover SUV is getting more attention after the discontinuation of the Ford Flex. On the other hand, fans are keen on larger Explorer, which also hits the new generation. Also, the carmaker pays a lot of attention to Bronco’s comeback. So, there is no surprise why the redesign is delayed. Ford Edge is going to introduce the new version probably in 2021. Some say even the new generation could take the place.

Whatsoever, the level of changes will be huge. Ford will implement most modifications and the latest features we can see on abovementioned new arrivals. But, the crossover SUV is keeping its overall shape and size, although it could be slightly bigger. Some sources claim the new 2020 Edge is going to be a three-row model. Well, it is not going to happen, since the rear seats would be cramped and only children could occupy these.

Exterior and Interior Changes

The new look is something that will draw the attention of fans and enthusiasts. The refresh of the mid-size model will increase the sales, after the slight slowdown last season. However, we will have to wait for the new generation for this to happen. The 2020 Ford Edge is mostly unchanged and most changes are happening inside the cabin. The model will get more exterior colors, but not more than two. Currently, the SEL trim level comes with the most choices – seven standard and three paintjobs that will cost extra. These are Ruby Red, White Platinum, and Burgundy Velvet.

On the other hand, the interior will come in cloth or leather, depending on a trim level. Infotainment update is the highlight of the new Edge. For the total overhaul of the cabin, fans will have to wait for another year.

2020 Ford Edge interior

2020 Ford Edge Hybrid Gas Mileage

The biggest move by ford about the new crossover SUV could be a hybrid engine. However, the mid-size model is using a turbocharged four-cylinder unit with high outputs for their size. By attaching the hybrid system, the Blue Oval company can’t gain too much gas mileage. On the other hand, the outputs wouldn’t be so great. So, engineers are facing the tough task to create the proper configuration for the 2020 Ford Edge Hybrid. At this moment, info about this is limited.

2020 Ford Edge Specs

Let’s see what are the standard powertrains for the 2020 Edge. Under the hood of the base SE model, and upper trim levels SEL and Titanium is a 2.0-liter turbo unit. It is capable to return 250 hp, 275 lb-ft, and 25 mpg average. If you opt for the all-wheel drive, the drivetrain consumes more fuel. An eight-speed automatic transmission is standard and the Edge comes with the start-stop system.

Top of the class model is ST, although some say the 2020 Ford Edge Sport could come back. Either way, the high-output version is getting power from the 2.7-liter turbocharged V6. Total of 335 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque needs 6 seconds for 0-60 mph acceleration. Max speed of this model is 130 mph.

2020 Ford Edge specs

2020 Ford Edge vs Escape

If you have a doubt about the Ford Edge, then the new Escape could be a good alternative. Edge is 8-inch longer and offers more space, but its smaller sibling is more agile. Also, Escape is debuting with the new generation and that is one of the main advantages. Well, definitely the size and power are the decisive segments and buyers’ preferences will make the choice easier. Of course, the smaller crossover is cheaper, with a starting price at $26,000. The price of the 2020 Edge will be unchanged, starting at $30k. the most expensive version is ST ($44,000). Fully loaded 2020 Ford Escape Titanium will breach $40,000.

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