This would be an easy answer if we include all models. The smaller, the cheaper. It is an analogy. However, in this review, we will try to present the 2020 Cheapest SUVs and crossovers in each category.

Well, we will start with the best offer. However, your preferences will set up some conditions. Compact crossovers are best-sellers. However, the mid-size segment is growing, especially the one with three rows. Finally, there are big rigs at the highest price.

We are also going to check out the prices in the luxury segment. Of course, more and more popular are hybrid models, and we expect some cool additions to the EV class.

Subcompact Class – 2020 Kia Soul

The cheapest crossover in the market is the 2020 Kia Soul. It costs only $18,500. It is just a bit better than Nissan Kicks ($18,900). These two are the only models in the class you will find under $20k. The base version is LX, while the S is already above this mark. The standard offer includes a 2.0-liter engine and a manual gearbox.

Well, the Kia Soul will soon get to the level of other subcompact crossovers. You can upgrade the ride with a 1.6-liter turbo engine ($28,500). Furthermore, there is an electric drivetrain and the new version in 2021 will also get a hybrid powerplant.

The base unit will come with cloth upholstery and a 7-inch touchscreen display. The package also includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Well, you will definitely want to upgrade the offer and the EX doesn’t cost too much more.

Luxury Segment – 2020 Infiniti QX30

Nissan lost the battle for the cheapest subcompact crossover, but its luxury division delivers the most affordable model. You won’t find a premium vehicle cheaper than 2020 Infiniti QX30. Well, the competition is not too tough. Also, the German carmakers are well-known for their hefty price.

For $30,000 you can buy a mid-size model. But, if you want to spice things up, the only luxury crossover available in this area is 2020 Infiniti QX30. Six-Speaker audio with two USB ports, a 7-inch touchscreen, cruise control, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel are standard. Well, the luxury model is not offering premium seats. The major portion of the higher price comes with a turbo-four engine capable of producing 210 hp.

Infiniti makes the AWD available for an extra $3,000. The high-end trims add over $10,000 for 19-inch wheels, intelligent park assist, Bose audio system, and many more.

Compact Class – 2020 Jeep Compass

The compact class is the best-selling segment in the USA. The 2020 Jeep Compass is going to be the cheapest model out there, but it is not at the top of the charts. Honda CR-V and Toyota Rav4 are dominating with more than 400,000 sales. Still, with the starting price at $22,100 makes the 2020 Compass the cheapest compact crossover in the USA.

The base offer includes the Sport package. Of course, front-wheel drive could be upgraded for $1,500. Jeep is well-known for its trim levels. Trailhawk is an off-road oriented, and there are five more versions. High Altitude is top of the class model with a price tag of $30,000.

The standard package includes a seven-inch touchscreen display and the 6-speaker audio system. What’s more, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also part of the package. This is already a fair offer for the cheapest compact crossover in the US market.       

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2020 jeep compass redesign

Luxury Segment – 2020 Lincoln Corsair

Lincoln decided to replace its MK crossovers with plates buyers will easily recognize. So, the 2020 Lincoln Corsair replaced the MKC. Also, it is the cheapest compact luxury SUV. Japanese vehicles in this segment are over $37,000 and German carmakers are even more luxurious with prices not starting below $40,000. The new Corsair steps up with the MSRP below $36,000.

Immediately after the company announced details about its crossover, fans were disappointed with power outputs from a turbo-four engine. Well, this is one of the reasons why 2020 Lincoln Corsair is the cheapest compact luxury SUV. Although it offers plenty of options, the carmaker saved the best for the Black Label edition.

Upper trim levels and the PHEV model will definitely draw more attention. However, the pricing is not complete, and the cost of these options could value the Corsair beyond the price you would like to pay. For $36,000 you can get the luxury vehicle slightly smaller than the mid-size SUV, and the price is similar to their mid-range offer.

Mid-Size 2-row SUV – 2020 Chevy Blazer

The 2020 Chevy Blazer is still a fresh model. The nameplate made a comeback as 2019 MY. And the Blazer is now the cheapest mid-size SUV with two rows of seats. For example, Honda brought back Passport and the base price is higher than for the three-row Pilot. But, let’s go back to the Blazer – you can save $3,000 if you don’t need the third row and choose this one over Traverse.

The 2020 Chevy Blazer is a relatively new SUV and it draws attention. Also, there is a price under $30,000 for the L trim and front-wheel drive. Well, the price quickly increases. The LT costs $3,500 more and AWD upgrade requires higher trim levels.

The cheapest package includes a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and 18-inch wheels. Chevy Infotainment 3 system is standard with voice commands, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and 8-inch touchscreen display. Premium cloth and active noise cancellation could be a bonus for the cheapest version of the Blazer.

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Luxury Segment – 2020 Lexus RX350

If the $30,000 mark is the separator for the cheap and average price in the mid-size SUV segment, in the luxury tier that is $45,000. Well, if you are after a two-row model, there are no too many of these in the market. Surprisingly, the cheapest offer you can get is $44,150 for the 2020 Lexus RX350.  

The RX is the best-selling model in the segment. However, besides the entry-level RX350, sales count for the extended three-row RX350l, hybrid RX450h, and F Sport version. So, all this versatility draws the attention and Lexus is using it to increase the popularity of the entire lineup.

All-wheel drive upgrade is not going to cost more than $1,500. The F Sport package and the third row will increase the price by nearly $4,000. Most of the other mid-size luxury SUVs are coming with seven seats, and optionally, buyers can remove the third row.

Three-Row SUV – 2020 GMC Acadia

The three-row segment is the hottest class in the SUV market. The 2020 GMC Acadia is where everything starts. General Motors makes it cheaper than the Chevy twin, Traverse. As said, a two-row model could save you $3,000. In the case of Acadia, the best offer starts under $30,000. Like for the Blazer, the GM makes the price go up pretty easily.

For $30k you will get a similar option like for the cheapest two-row SUV. There are the 2.5-liter engine, cloth seats, 17-inch wheels, and an 8-inch touchscreen display. The third row provides two more seats. Smart Slide function for the middle-row makes access easier. Rear cross alert and rear park assist are also there.

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Luxury Segment – 2020 Acura MDX

The 2020 Acura MDX is the cheapest three-row luxury SUV with a price of $44,400. So, it is just slightly more than the two-row Lexus RX. This makes fans very happy, although most of them won’t resist upgrading their ride with one of many options Acura is going to offer.

The base model includes 8-speaker audio. The focus was on the connectivity and we get Bluetooth, USB ports, and of course Android Auto / Apple CarPlay services. The power-adjustable steering wheel is also standard. The AcuraWatch safety system comes with semi-autonomous driving features.

It is hard to stay at the base trim with all the options the luxury SUV is offering. First of all, there is the Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive, as one of the best AWD upgrades you will find out there. Furthermore, the MDX offers the A-Spec styling package. If you want more from your engine, then Sport Hybrid is putting out more power and gives you better gas mileage.

Full-Size SUV – 2020 Nissan Armada

We made it to the biggest models in the SUV category. Of course, these are the most expensive. And if you still want to save some money, the 2020 Nissan Armada is a good choice. While most other models are getting closer to the $55k starting value, the Japanese carmaker still keeps its vehicle under $50,000. The base MSRP is $47,100.  Well, heavily-loaded Armada becomes more expensive than the cheapest luxury full-size SUV.

Dual-zone auto climate control, power driver seat (10-way) and passenger bucket (8-way) with heating, leather shift knob and steering wheel are standard. NissanConnect does not offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for the SV model. However, the infotainment includes an 8-inch display, Nissan navigation with voice commands, four USB ports, and Bose audio with 13 speakers.

Luxury Segment – 2020 Infiniti QX80

The 2020 Infiniti QX80 is the cheapest full-size luxury SUV. The main rivals are nearly $10,000 over its starting price. However, don’t let the cost of $66,000 trick you – the QX80 is still capable to do most things other premium rigs are able to offer. We will see if the company is going to keep the price below $70k when the new model appears. The Monograph concept brings a lot of mean upgrades.

However, the new generation is not coming until 2021 or 2022. The 2020 Infiniti QX80 is not offering too much at its base form if you compare it to higher trim levels. You will like advanced self-driving features, but these will be extra.

The standard offer includes the Luxe trim level. Navigation and leather seats are highlights of this model. Also, the three-zone climate and moonroof will boost the overall impression. Some of the safety features buyers are getting with the cheapest 2020 Infiniti QX80 are emergency braking and object detection. Captain’s chairs are standard for the middle row.