2020 BMW X8 concept

2020 BMW X8 – What We Know so Far?

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The 2020 BMW X8 is now more than just a rumor. The coupe version of the largest SUV in the lineup could debut next year. The German company is developing the new model and the first images are already here. Well, these are not official photos, but still look interesting. Like X4 is based on the X3 crossover, X6 on X5, the X8 will use the same platform. BMW delayed the debut of the M package for the full-size SUV. That is enough for some to believe the automaker is clearing the path for the new arrival.

The X7 might surprise some fans, but the growth was expected. The company had a vacant spot in the full-size segment. Now, the new model is eligible to challenge the Mercedes GLS. But, the 2020 BMW X8 will follow the existing big rig and the coupe-SUV will debut next year. Of course, there will be the M edition as well, but not before 2021 or even 2022 season.

2020 BMW X8 release date

Possible Engines for 2020 BMW X8

The new 2020 BMW X8 will change the style of its sibling. However, under the hood options will probably be the same. Engineers could push outputs slightly higher. The base drivetrain will probably be a 3.0-l V6. A turbocharged unit makes 330 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque for the X7. For the X6, the same engine is delivering 300 hp and 300 lb-ft. So, the new model could go up to 350 hp.

Of course, the full-size SUV is going to offer a V8 engine as well. That is a 4.4-liter twin-turbo unit. The base setup also can get a boost to reach closer to 500 hp. Both X7 and X6 are getting 480 lb-ft of torque out of it. The M version will squeeze even more power. An eight-speed automatic transmission is standard and the SUV is going to distribute energy to all wheels. That is one of BMW’s main qualities – the famous xDrive.

2020 BMW X8 price

When Will BMW X8M be Available?

Without knowledge about the base model’s release date, we can’t be sure when its high-performance version is going to appear. We have some insider stories that unveil what is the company trying to do. The new BMW X8M will deliver at least 600 horsepower and the target is closer to 650 hp. Torque will stay around 600 pound-feet. The same 4.4-liter V8 engine is getting special treatment, but it keeps the xDrive AWD system. On the other hand, chargers, suspension, and even transmission are different to handle such power. A seven-speed Steptronic gearbox is there to smoothen the drive.

2020 BMW X8 – a Coupe Version of X7

As you can guess, the 2020 BMW X8 will have a slope at the rear end. But surprisingly, it is not as long as for other models. The X8 will keep enough space inside the cockpit, but still, we doubt there will be room for the third row. On the other hand, that means more storage capacity and legroom. We still don’t have dimensions of the upcoming SUV, but the overall length and a wheelbase will be very similar to the X7, which offers 90 cubic feet behind the front buckets. For example, X6 cuts 17 cu.ft. of storage compared to the X5. The X8 won’t take so much since its roof is not sloping sharp.

2020 BMW X8 inext concept

Interior Features

The premium SUV is going to use the latest available technologies for the cabin. Starting from seats, all versions will offer leather wrapping. This coupe-SUV won’t be smaller than X7, so both models will use 21-inch wheels. Heated front seats are standard, and optionally, the vehicle is getting ventilation for these buckets as well and carries heating to rear bench. Wireless charging should be standard, while all models are going to offer different kinds of a sunroof. Apple CarPlay is standard. BMW works a lot on safety and the X8 should be one of the best picks in this segment. Lane departure warning, blind spot monitor, and pedestrian detection are getting the latest updates.

BMW recently announced that they are working on the new generation of the autonomous drive. Well, Level 4 will be available when the iNext concept gets into production. Until then, pieces of the new self-driving system will be available for different models. The 2020 BMW X8 is going to be a star of the lineup and there is no way the company will miss the opportunity to upgrade it with the autonomous drive. For now, some features are working under 37 mph.

2020 BMW X8 Release Date

The new 2020 BMW X8 will arrive next year. This is still a speculation, but the company has no other model in the schedule for the upcoming season. The X7 is new, its M package arrives in 2021, and this year we will see these versions of X4 and X6. We also expect news about the plug-in hybrid engine for X5. However, that won’t stop the development and delay the arrival of the X8 coupe-SUV.


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