2020 Best-Selling Crossovers and SUVs

Which Will be the 2020 Best-Selling Crossovers and SUVs

The new season already started and we have the first impressions from the market. However, there is a long way to go before the term closes and we will see a lot of changes. Companies updated their lineup with new vehicles, while there are some others that have trust in existing versions. The list of our expectations about 2020 best-selling crossovers and SUVs is based on previous records, level of changes, and popularity of the brand.

Let’s see which models should get the most buyers according to these conditions. To make it easier, we split the classes and segments to show you the picture of the best vehicles in the market.

2020 Best-Selling Subcompact Crossover

General Motors has problems in its most important segment – pickup truck. But, the subcompact crossover class is where this company is dominating. They managed to sell 115k Chevy Trax models last year. It is nearly 15,000 units more than the first follower – another GM vehicle, Buick Encore. We expect the most from these two crossovers.

Honda didn’t update HR-V, so it will hardly challenge these two. Another US vehicle could spoil plans to GM, and we can expect a lot from the Hyundai Kona, which also comes in the EV version.

2020 Honda HR-V redesign

2020 Best-Selling Luxury Mini Crossovers

The competition in the subcompact premium class is not so big. Buyers in the US are keener on full-size models than on these vehicles. Previously, Mercedes GLA was the most popular in 2019 with 21,000 sales. We expect the company to maintain the record, while another German carmaker is also very attractive among buyers. BMW X1 is still fresh and possible M version could draw more interest.

Lexus UX managed to achieve 16,000 sales and the new model will get more updates. We believe the F Sport version to make an immediate impact. The third German manufacturer is slowing down, and the electrification of the Audi Q3 could make this model position better on the 2020 best-selling crossovers and SUVs.

2021 BMW X1 hybrid
2021 BMW X1 might get the hybrid drivetrain

2020 Best-Selling Compact Crossovers

If anywhere situation is so clear, that is in the compact class. For the last couple of years, Toyota Rav4 is improving its offer and breaks the competition. For example, the Japanese carmaker achieved nearly 450,000 sold units last season. That is almost making the Rav4 one of the best-selling vehicles overall, and the most popular model with a crossover/SUV body. This season, with the Prime PHEV version added to the lineup, the 2020 Toyota Rav4 could reach 500,000 sales.

But, rivals are not going to make it easy for Toyota’s flagship crossover. Honda CR-V is now available with a hybrid setup and it matches the fuel economy of the most efficient model in the segment. Nissan is losing the pace, while we can expect a lot from the new Ford Escape.

2020 Honda CR-V

2020 Best-Selling Luxury Compact Crossovers

Again, German carmakers are the most popular among buyers when it comes to luxury. Still, these vehicles are way more expensive than the non-premium class, so it is understandable why they can’t keep the high level of sales. Cadillac XT4 is one of the models that could be a surprise since it finished the first complete year on the market as the fourth best-seller. Still, the top three models are looking untouchable. It is just a matter of order between Mercedes GLC, Audi Q5, and Lexus NX.

2020 Lexus NX

2020 Best-Selling Mid-Size SUVs

The battle between Toyota Highlander and Jeep Grand Cherokee is the most interesting in this class. Both models are very versatile. The Japanese SUV is available with the hybrid engine for a while, and engineers updated the drivetrain with a four-cylinder petrol engine as the base. This mid-size SUV is now ready to return 35 mpg combined!

On the other hand, if you are looking for a strong performer, that is Grand Cherokee. The SRT and Trackhawk editions are providing extra power. The major downside is a lack of the three-row version. But, this one is coming as well, either this or the next season.

The new Ford Explorer is now also available with the hybrid drivetrain. This SUV achieved the biggest fall in sales for 2019 compared to the previous season. Well, its fans were waiting for the new model and the significant increase is certain. If you are about to go off-road, Jeep Wrangler is way ahead of the Toyota 4Runner.

2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk
2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk can make 707 hp from the Hellcat engine

2020 Best-Selling Luxury Mid-Size SUVs

Next on our list of the 2020 best-selling crossovers and SUVs is the premium mid-size segment. Lexus RX is going to continue its domination. The Japanese luxury carmaker is offering everything with the RX lineup. There are two- and three-row versions, hybrid units, and F Sport model for a more aggressive ride. Last year, Lexus sold two times more units than the first next vehicle.

All other models will need a miracle to threaten the RX. Acura MDX, BMW X5, Cadillac XT5, Mercedes GLE, Volvo XC90, and Lincoln Aviator are interesting vehicles in the mid-size luxury SUV segment, but none of them is as popular as Lexus’ nameplate. It will be interesting to see how the last mentioned model is going to affect the market since it is recently launched and Aviator comes with a 450-hp rated hybrid engine.

2020 cadillac xt5 interior

2020 Best-Selling Full-Size SUVs

This class is going to be one of the most interesting to follow, but next season. General Motors is launching three new generations for Chevy Tahoe, Chevy Suburban, and GMC Yukon. Also, the FCA announced Jeep Grand Wagoneer as the new full-size model. Well, this will be half of the market, since other companies are not so interested in this segment, which needs a lot of investment. Hyundai and Kia could soon enter the race, but it is not going to happen this season.

With GM models unchanged, the interest in these could drop and fans will opt to wait for updates in 2021. Ford Expedition is about to use this and take over the number 1 selling spot for this season. Toyota also updated Sequoia with the TRD Pro package, but we doubt the old SUV will draw too many new buyers. Nissan Armada is another big rig that will present the new version next year.

2020 Nissan Armada
2020 Nissan Armada

2020 Best-Selling Luxury Full-Size SUVs

Finally, the final piece of our preview of the 2020 Best-Selling Crossovers and SUVs is the premium full-size segment. Compared to the non-luxury lineup, there are more models competing in this class, thanks to European carmakers. BMW X7 is all-new and the SUV immediately recorded the best sales last season. The Bavarian carmaker set up a challenge for other companies.

Like for the non-premium class, some models will be heavily updated next year. Nissan will bring an all-new Infiniti QX80 based on the Monograph concept, while GM is adding the IRS for Cadillac Escalade. Toyota is underachieving in this segment, with both its vehicles taking the bottom of the sales charts. The new LX600 is on the way and we can hear that the longest-serving nameplate in the family, Land Cruiser, could be discontinued.

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